The Operator is the handyman, the fixer, the engineer of the wilds. They can fix a malfunctioning servo motor on the inside of a Glitter Boy’s leg as easily as the thermostat of a 1975 Jeep. They are geniuses of machinery and confident folks to have around. They come from many different races, from humans to kobolds to Atlanteans. And almost any operator is always a welcome sight in the small towns that dot the landscape of the badlands, as there is always something that needs fixing.


Role: Leader
Abilities: Intelligence primary, Constitution and Charisma secondary.
Alignment: Any, usually good.
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Fibre, Plastic, Carbon, Kevlar & Heavy. Instinctively knows how to use any technological weapon.
Starting P.P.E. Base: 1d6
Starting Skills: Mechanics & Computers. Chose 3 more from: History, Insight, Medicine, Pilot and Science.
Hit Points and Healing Surges: 18+Con starting, 4+Con each level, 8+Con surges.
Starting Feats: Literacy in Techno-can and the vernacular.

Jury Rig
Operators can fix anything with a full round action. Usually a DC 17 Mechanics check will do the trick, difficulty adjusted upwards for fixing in a hurry, or fixing something incredibly complicated. With a DC 15 mechanics check, you may provide a Borg with a saving throw against an effect a save can end, or stabilize a dying Borg. If used on a vehicle, power armor, or robot, the ability heals 2D20 points of damage per tier.

Given a relatively short amount of time, (one full round action), an Operator may sabotage device or a weapon to hinder the next person who comes along and attempts to use it. Sabotage by another Operator can be caught and identified before an item is used, but requires a DC 25 Mechanics or Perception check by an operator or similarly talented individual.
Sabotage Device. Make a DC 18 Mechanics check, if successful anyone attempting to use the device for any purpose, suffers a penalty on skill rolls equal to your class level.
Sabotage Weapon. Make a DC 21 Mechanics roll, if successful, the weapon will not work on its next attempted use, and will continue not working until repaired by a certified technician.

Operators start life with the Telemechanics Super Psionic Discipline as an at-will ability. They do not need to meet any of the prerequisites for this ability or for any of the upgrades available through talents, which they may choose freely by use of a bonus feat.

You’re In Good Hands
You may use this ability twice per encounter as a minor action. Yourself or an ally within a close burst 5, may spend a healing surge and either regain an additional 1D6 HP, or make a saving throw against an effect a save can end. If used on a Borg character, the effect is doubled. Additional healing is increased to 2D6 additional at level 6, 3D6 at level 11, 4D6 at level 16, 5D6 at level 21, and 6D6 at level 26.

Bonus Feats: Alertness, Angled Throw, Antimagic Psionics, Armor Proficiency, Armor Specialization, Autofire Sweep, Brink Of Death, Burst Fire, Careful Shot, Cellular Aptitude, Cleave, Coalition Military Training, Collateral Damage, Combat Expertise, Combat Medic, Combat Reflexes, Conditioning, Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Barrage, Cornered, Critical Strike, Crossfire, Deadeye, Defensive Mobility, Desperate Gambit, Distant Advantage, Dodge, Duck And Cover, Durable, Far Shot, Fool Me Once…, Free Quebec Military Training, Impetuous Move, Improved Defenses, Improved Initiative, Jack Of All Trades, Juggling, Lazlo Military Training, Linguist, Long Jumper, Marathon Running, Natural Salesman, Natural Toughness, Opportunistic Retreat, Point Blank Shot, Power Armor And Robot Piloting, Power Blast, Precise Shot, Psionic Mastery, Rapid Shot, Resurgence, Sidekick, Skill Focus, Skill Training, Strafe, Tactical Advantage, Toughness, Traumatic Life Experience, Triple Crit, Vehicular Combat, Walk It Off, Wary Defender, Weapon Focus, With Allstate, and Zero Range.
Starting Equipment: Camera bag, camera (digital), clothing (business), clothing (casual), coat, day pack, digital audio recorder, duct tape, electrical tool kit, lineman’s butt set, mechanics tool kit, micro-torch, tap detector, tool belt, windbreaker, laptop computer, cell phone, cellular modem, PDA, economy coupe vehicle.

Rifts Operator Talent Trees

Talents Pre-Requisite Benefit

Modification Tree

Guerilla Modification none Once per day as a standard action, you can make a tech weapon which you touch inflict an extra die of damage until the end of the encounter.
Upgrade Guerilla Modification You may Upgrade one tech weapon per 5 levels of experience. This upgrade provides +1 bonus to attack rolls, and it deals an extra die of damage. If a natural 1 or 2 is rolled on an attack roll with the weapon, the upgrade not only fails and is lost, the user takes 1D6 damage direct to Hit Points. Alternatively, you can upgrade a suit of personal armor to increase its DR rating by 2.
Personal Upgrade Guerilla Modification, Upgrade During an extended rest, you may upgrade a piece of tech weaponry for your own personal use. This item will now give a +4 bonus to attacks and damage, but cannot be used by anyone other than you. If you roll a natural one with the item the object locks up, and requires a DC 15 mechanics roll to get working again. Alternatively you can upgrade a suit of personal armor to increase its DR by 4, and provide an additional +2 to AC and Fortitude Defense.
Sabotage Operator Once per encounter you can cause a piece of technology or machinery to cease working until the end of the encounter. This ability only effects one device at a time, and many complicated machines or robots count as multiple devices. Nothing but an Operator’s repair ability can fix it before then.
Explosive Sabotage Sabotage As a minor action, you can turn any item that runs on a power cell or energy clip into a makeshift fragmentation grenade. The item can be returned to normal state with another minor action.

Psychic Tree

Use Your Sonar! Operator You may use your Mechanics skill check in place of Psi-Craft, as it applies to your Telemechanics abilities, and Intelligence instead of Wisdom for any attack rolls necessary.
Telemechanic Paralysis Telemechanics Once per encounter, you may disable (Stun) a Borg, vehicle, robot or power armor, save ends.
Telemechanic Mental Operation Telemechanics As a minor action, you can activate a piece of machinery/technology upon which you have used Telemechanics within the last 24 hours. Each minor action performs an operations; Turn on or off, walk forward without turning, turn, jump, gas, brake, turn on the wipers, turn on the radio, switch stations, turn up the volume, aim a weapon, fire a weapon, etc. Any vehicles, robots, power armors which are currently piloted require a Wisdom vs. Reflex attack against the pilot, to take action on a system before they are able to react and stop you.
Telemechanic Possession Telemechanics Once per day, you can take control of a vehicle or power armor or robot which you have used Telemechanics upon. If piloted, you must succeed in a Psi-Craft vs. Pilot skill roll to succeed. If unpiloted, you take control with a DC 15 Psi-Craft check, and remain in control until the end of your next turn. Any pilot can attempt to wrest control from you each turn by making another opposed check. You control the vehicle as though it is your own body. You may split your actions between your physical body and your mechanical body each turn. The power can be sustained with a minor action.

Tactical Support Tree

Covering Fire none As a standard action, make an attack roll against AC 15, if successful, choose an ally within 10 squares, that ally receives a bonus of 1+ your Int modifier to AC until the start of your next turn.
Retaliatory Strike Covering Fire As an immediate reaction once per encounter, grant an ally within 10 squares of you a free attack against an enemy that attacked you or the ally.
Impel Ally I none You may spend a minor action on your turn to allow an ally to take a move action immediately.
Impel Ally II Impel Ally You may spend two minor actions to allow an ally within line of sight to take a standard action as an immediate interrupt.
Impel Ally III Impel Ally I, Impel Ally II You may spend 3 minor actions on 3 consecutive turns to allow an ally to make a standard action, and a move action immediately when the third minor action is spent.
Inspire Wrath Impel Ally I, Impel Ally II You may spend a standard action, to give all allies who have line of sight to you a +2 bonus to attack rolls and skill checks against a specific target until the end of the encounter, until they are slain, or you are knocked unconscious.
Synchronized Fire none Once per encounter, you may ready an attack and attack with an ally on their initiative. Damage is combined for issues of damage reduction.
Tactical Superiority none You may spend 2 minor actions to allow two allies within line of sight to shift 2 squares as an immediate reaction.

Geek Tree

Re-couple the Phase Regulator! Int 14 Once per encounter, turn a critical hit against a vehicle you occupy into a normal hit.
Scotty In the House! Int 14 Make a DC 15 mechanics check as a standard action, to give any vehicle you occupy +2 speed until the end of the encounter.
Vehicular Boost Trained in Pilot As a standard action you can make a DC 15 mechanics roll to give any vehicle you occupy temporary hit points of 5 × your level.
Techno-Can Smokescreen Trained in Mechanics, Speaks Techno-can Use mechanics in place of bluff, diplomacy or intimidate whenever possible.


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