Wilderness Scout

Wilderness scout

The Wilderness Scout, more so than almost any other being of Rifts Earth is at home in the wilds. Able to pass across the wastes without a trace, these masters of the forests are a walking encyclopedia of hunting, trapping, wildlife and the land. Years of life outdoors make the Scouts a hardy and powerfully built bunch, weather beaten skin gives them an appearance of age and wisdom although most are completely illiterate. Wilderness Scouts make their living traveling from place to place, making maps, and driving off predators from small villages and towns. If you are to be outside for any amount of time, a Wilderness Scout is exactly who you want to be there with.


Role: Striker
Abilities: Dexterity Primary, Wisdom and Constitution secondary.
Alignment: Any
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Fibre, Plastic, Carbon & Kevlar. Knows all Simple weapons and all bows.
Starting P.P.E. Base: 1d6
Starting Skills: Stealth & Perception. Chose 3 more from: Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, History, Medicine, and Pilot.
Hit Points and Healing Surges: 24+Con starting, 6+Con each level, 8+Con surges.
Starting Feats: Tracking with perception at +3 if trained in Perception.

Flurry of Arrows
The Wilderness scout has the ability to fire multiple arrows with a compound bow during a standard action attack, all attacks suffer a -2 penalty. At 11th level, the Wilderness scout is able to fire two extra arrows, at 21st they may fire three extra arrows. If used with the double attack feat, Double Attack adds one more arrow, and Triple Attack adds two more arrows. Using these feats however takes a full round action, and not just a standard.

Master of the Outdoors
Rulers of the harsh wilderness of Rifts Earth, the Wilderness Scout gains a few abilities related to their element: Scouts cannot be surprised by an enemy within 10 squares when in the wilds; They can sense the presence of creatures and animals within 6 squares outside, and beasts or animals will not run away or attack a Scout unless provoked.

Prime Shot
Whenever you are closer to an enemy than any other ally, you gain a +1 bonus to the attack roll.

Scout’s Quarry
Once per turn as a minor action, you can designate an enemy your quarry. Once per round, you deal extra damage to your quarry. The extra damage is based on your level. If you can make multiple attacks in a round, you decide which attack to apply the extra damage to after all the attacks are rolled. The scout’s quarry effect remains active until the end of the encounter, until the quarry is defeated, or until you designate a different target as your quarry. You can designate one enemy as your quarry at a time.

Level Quarry Damage
1st–10th +1d6
11th–20th +2d6
21st–30th +3d6

Tracking Affinity
As a Wilderness Scout, you have spent most of your life outdoors, and much of it tracking prey, or making maps for city folks. Your sense of direction and observation in the wild is unmatched. You gain a bonus of +3 to Perception in uses outside, such as tracking, detecting ambush, finding cover and identifying natural features. You also gain a bonus of +3 when making Stealth checks in the wilderness.

Bonus Feats: You may select any feat as a bonus feat that you meet the requirements for, except Magical Ability, Magical Study, Psionic Ability and Psionic Study.
Starting Equipment: backpack, binoculars, sunglasses, casual clothing, traveler’s outfit, rain poncho, chemical light sticks, compass, flashlight, knife, road atlas, rope (50’), sleeping bag, tent, 7 days rations, Kevlar Armor, Compound Bow, Arrows, Ballistic Rifle.

Rifts Wilderness Scout Talent Trees

Talents Pre-Requisite Benefit

Hunting Tree

Silent Shot Wilderness Scout When making a ranged attack from 7 squares or further away against a target who is not aware of you, you inflict double damage.
Sniper Wilderness Scout When you make a ranged attack from 7 squares or further away, you may add your full level to damage instead of 1/2.
Advanced Sniping Sniper Once per encounter when attacking a creature from 7 squares away or further, you may ignore the target’s armor bonus to AC.
Master Sniper Sniper, Advanced Sniping You may aim at a target that is 7 squares or further away as a single minor action.
Hunter’s Mark Bow or Crossbow When you aim and hit a target, you may apply a status effect to the enemy, save ends. Choose one: Dazed, Slowed or Weakened.
Hunter’s Target Hunter’s Mark Once per encounter, pick a target affected by your Hunter’s Mark, each time you deal damage to that target for the rest of the encounter you deal extra damage to equal to your class level.

Movement Tree

Skirmish Dex 13 When you move two squares before attacking, gain +1 on the attack roll.
Improved Skirmisher Skirmish When benefiting from skirmish, you also gain +1 to all defenses until the start of your next turn.
Moving Attacker Skirmish When benefitting from Skirmish, you inflict an additional 1D6 damage if you are more than 7 squares from the target when you attack.
Wilderness Passage na You move normally through difficult terrain.

Archery Tree

Address the Target WP Bow Aiming with a bow only costs you 1 minor action instead of two.
Bow Specialization Weapon Focus (Bow) You gain an additional +2 to damage with arrows fired from a bow.
Marked Target WF (Bow), Bow Specialization When you successfully hit a target with an arrow, all allies gain a +1 bonus to damage against that target until the start of your next turn.
Weak Point WF (Bow), Bow Specialization Once per encounter as a free action when using a bow, you can ignore the Armor DR of your target until the end of your turn.
Bull’s Eye Shot Bow Specialization, Weak Point Once per encounter as a free action, you may treat a 17, 18, or 19 on an attack roll as a critical hit.
Multi Attack Proficiency Weapon Focus (Bow) Reduce penalties to multiple attacks with bows by 2.
Penetrating Shot Weapon Focus (Bow) Treat your target’s DR as 5 less with your bow.

Wilderness Tree

Natural Selection na When in or behind natural cover, you may make your first attack against a target as though they were unaware of you (ie. from total concealment).
Nature’s Camouflage Natural Selection As a full round action when within 2 squares of cover provided by natural features, rocks, tree, etc., you may move to that cover and make a Stealth check against the Will defense of a single target at least 7 squares away to disappear from view and fire a single shot as though the target were unaware of you. This ability may not be used on any target more than once per encounter.
Tree Hugger na You gain a +4 on perception checks made in the wilderness, and can ‘read’ an area of wild once per encounter. Similar to Object Read, but based on keen observation, not psychic ability.
Doolittle Schmoolittle na Animals will not flee from your presence. Also, you gain a limited form of empathy and telepathy with animals which allows a limited form of communication.


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Wilderness Scout

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