Weapons and Armor


Old timey 6 shooter pistols; rail guns that accelerate particles to seven times the speed of sound; archaic swords attached to vibro-generators; bows and arrows; weapons enchanted with magic; plasma ejectors; you will find this and more on Rifts Earth. These following categories break down the many weapons types available in the game setting, and give some specifics on the technology.

Strength Requirements for Weapons

Some weapons include a listed Strength requirement on the right side of the table. Attempting to fire a weapon without meeting the STR required results in -2 to attack rolls for every point below the requirement one is, and you cannot take advantage of any bonus to attack rolls from proficiency; eg. attacking with a Vibro-Greataxe (req. STR 16) and only possessing a STR of 13 results in a -6 to attack rolls and an inability to add the +2 proficiency bonus if proficient.


Bullets are a thing of the past. Technology has left the bullet behind, and most weapons have no use for them. There are still those who manufacture and sell bullets, but the availability is much lower than e-clips, and that’s not even taking into account finding the right caliber.

Most energy weapons are powered by e-clips, which are a rechargeable power source that gives the gun the power it requires. The amount of shots an e-clip provides varies from weapon to weapon, and is shown on the weapons table. E-clips can be recharged in a few hours in charging stations found in some vehicles and at weapons dealers.

Weapons such as cannons and vehicle mounts require massive amounts of energy to fire – these weapons run on e-canisters. E-canisters are large 20-pound versions of the e-clip, which snap onto the bottom of the weapon, or sit nearby. Canisters require a full 12 hours to recharge in a vehicle, and usually are swapped out by arms dealers for like merchandise. They are bulky and difficult to carry around, think car battery.

Other Ammunition

Other types of ammunition are rail gun rounds, mini missiles, grenades, arrows and others are found usually on the black market, or can be created by your average wilderness scout or operator. The costs for these items vary greatly depending on region, availability, materials, etc.

One-Handed Prof Damage Range Ammo Group Properties Str Req.
Neural Mace +2 1D12 - - L. Mace Save or Dazed -
Vibro Dagger +2 2D4 5/10 - L. Blade Off Hand, Light Thrown -
Ion Pistol +2 2D4 15/30 54 Pistol Ion Damage, Off-Hand -
Laser Pistol +2 2D8 15/30 45 Pistol Laser Fire, Off-Hand -
Ballistic Pistol +2 2D6 10/20 13 Pistol Ballistic, Off-Hand -
Hand axe +2 1D8 5/10 - L. Axe Heavy Thrown -
Psi-Sword +3 2D10 - - L. Blade High Crit, Radiant -
Dragon’s Claws +3 2D6 - - Natural High Crit -
Dragon’s Bite +2 2D8 - - Natural High Crit -
Two Handed Prof Damage Range Ammo Group Properties Str Req.
Ballistic Rifle +3 3D6 20/40 20 Rifle Ballistic -
Staff +2 2D4 - - Staff -
Powered Staff +2 2D8 - - Staff -
One Handed Prof Damage Range Ammo Group Properties Str Req.
Vibro Saber(Short Sword) +3 2D6 - - L. Blade Off-Hand -
Vibro Sword +3 2D8 - - H. Blade Versatile -
Vibro Axe +2 2D8 - - Axe Versatile -
Vibro Short Claw +3 3D6 - - L. Blade Off-Hand -
Fragmentation Grenade +2 3D8 10/20 - Grenade Area Burst 2 -
Plasma Grenade +2 4D8 10/20 - Grenade Area Burst 1, Plasma -
Plasma Pistol +2 2D10 15/30 24 Pistol Off-Hand, Plasma -
Two Handed Prof Damage Range Ammo Group Properties Str Req.
Vibro Greataxe +2 2D10 - - Axe High Crit 16
Vibro Halberd +2 2D10 - - Pole arm Reach 16
Ion Rifle +3 3D4 20/40 38 Rifle Ion Damage, Burst -
Laser Rifle +3 3D8 20/40 32 Rifle Burst -
Plasma Rifle +2 3D10 20/40 18 Rifle Plasma, Burst -
Vibro Greatsword +3 2D10 - - H. Blade Brutal 1 16
Grenade Launcher +2 6D6 15/30 6 Launcher Area Burst 1 14
Compound Bow +3 2D8 20/40 - Bow Load Free, Penetrate 3 14

Weapon Properties

Auto-fire Attacks

Certain weapons have a burst fire mode as well as single shot mode. Switching a weapon from standard fire to burst fire requires a minor action. An Autofire attack requires a Standard action. Autofire is a special area attack which targets an 2×2 square within short range of the weapon as a standard action. Roll damage for the attack first, then roll an attack at -5 against each creature in the burst, half damage on a miss. Autofire uses 15 shots, you may not auto-fire if you do not have 15 shots available in the clip. The Burst Fire feat allows a character proficient in their weapon to target a single enemy with an Autofire attack at +2 dice of damage. Make the attack at the normal -5 to the attack roll, a hit inflicts full damage, half damage on a miss.

Neural Mace

This stun weapon releases an energy charge on each hit to shock the nervous system of the target. The neural disruption effect only works against unarmored and metal armored opponents. Each time you successfully hit with a neural mace, the target must immediately make a saving throw or become dazed, save ends. Neural maces are popular weapons among law enforcement and bounty hunters alike.
Cost:8000cr. Availability:fair.

Vibro Weapons

All vibro weapons are surrounded by an invisible high frequency field which gives them high damage capability and armor penetration. They are most effective however, against the unarmored, where they inflict an extra 1D6 damage per hit. They contain a small battery, which requires charging a few times each year.
Cost:6000-20, 000cr. Availability:common.

One Handed Prof Damage Range Ammo Group Properties Str Req.
Particle Beam Pistol +2 2D12 20/40 16 Pistol Particle Beam 16
Vibro Claws +3 3D8 - - L. Blade Off-Hand -
Ballistic Automatic Pistol +2 3D6 10/20 60 Pistol Ballistic, Burst 14
Two Handed Prof Damage Range Ammo Group Properties Str Req.
Ion Cannon +1 4D4 20/40 55 Cannon Ion, Burst 18
Laser Cannon +1 4D8 20/40 47 Cannon Laser, Burst 18
Plasma Cannon +1 4D10 20/40 24 Cannon Plasma, Burst 20
Particle Beam Rifle +2 3D12 20/40 11 Rifle Particle Beam 20
Particle Beam Cannon +1 4D12 20/40 20 Cannon Particle Beam, Burst 22
Ballistic Assault Rifle +2 4D6 20/40 80 Rifle Ballistic, Burst 16
Ballistic Assault Shotgun +1 6D6 5/10 7 Cannon Save vs. Knockdown 18
Ballistic ‘Mini-gun’ +1 6D8 20/40 26 Cannon Burst only+E-Clip 26
Rail Gun(Light),* +2 1D6×5 40/80 20 Heavy Ballistic, Burst only 20
Rail Gun(Medium)* +1 1D10×5 40/80 30 Heavy Ballistic, Burst only 24
Rail Gun(Heavy)* +1 1D8×10 40/80 50 Heavy Ballistic, Burst only 28
Boom Gun +2 4D4×10 50/100 100 Heavy Special 50
Mini-Missile Launcher +2 - 20/40 2 Launcher -
SPECIAL WEAPONS Prof Damage Range Ammo Group Properties Str Req.
Fusion Block(Light) - 1D8×5 4/8 - Timer Blast 2, 30 sec timer -
Fusion Block(Medium) - 1D6×10 4/8 - Timer Blast 2, 30 sec timer -
Fusion Block(Heavy) - 1D10×10 4/8 - Timer Blast 2, 30 sec timer -
TK Machinegun +4 4D6 25/50 80 TK TK Weap, Burst -
TK Revolver +4 3D6 20/40 18 TK TK Weap -
TK Rail Gun* +4 1D8×5 35/70 50 TK TK Weap, Burst Only 18
Mini Missile(Fragmentation) - 4D8 20/40 - Launched Area Burst 1 -
Mini Missile(Armor Piercing) - 1D6×10 20/40 - Launched Non-Burst -
Mini Missile(Plasma) - 1D6×10 20/40 - Launched Blast 2, Plasma -
Short Range Missile(Fragmentation) - 1D6×10 30/60 - Launched Area Burst 2 -
Short Range Missile(Armor Piercing) - 2D4×10 30/60 - Launched Non-Burst -
Short Range Missile(Plasma) - 2D4×10 30/60 - Launched Blast 3, Plasma -
Medium Range Missile(Fragmentation) - 2D4×10 40/80 - Launched Area Burst 3 -
Medium Range Missile(Armor Piercing) - 2D6×10 40/80 - Launched Non-Burst -
Medium Range Missile(Plasma) - 2D6×10 40/80 - Launched Blast 4, Plasma -
Long Range Missile(Fragmentation) - 2D6×10 50/100 - Launched Area Burst 4 -
Long Range Missile(Armor Piercing) - 2D8×10 50/100 - Launched Non-Burst -
Long Range Missile(Plasma) - 2D8×10 50/100 - Launched Blast 5, Plasma -

*Rail Guns fire normally to a 2×2 square. One must have the Strength to wield one, as well as the Burst Fire feat, their damage however is not affected by the feats Rapid Shot, and Burst Fire. If you chose to fire at a single target, attack at -5 and the weapon inflicts an additional+7, +14, or+21 damage on a hit.

Ion Weapons

Ion weapons fire a charged bolt which strikes like focused electricity. This is very damaging against opponents in metal armor, or who are made of metal. Ion weapons do less damage than lasers, but also ignore DR granted by metal armor. Ion weapons use standard e-clips.
Cost:12, 000-32, 000cr. Availability:common.

Laser Weapons

Lasers are the most prevalent weapons in the world;they offer solid and reliable damage for all purposes. Most make no sound other than a click, although a sound generator can be added to the gun as an optional accessory. They inflict fire damage, and damaged is reduced by armor DR.
Cost:14, 000-36, 000cr. Availability:common.

Ballistic Weapons

Old fashioned by most standards, these weapons fire slugs of metal propelled by gunpowder and other chemicals. Most on Rifts Earth are clip loaded semi automatics, although you do see many fully automatic, some revolvers and single hand-loaded rifles. Weapons dealers manufacture ammunition though the availability is much less common than e-clips.
Cost:800-65, 000. Availability:common.

Hand Axe

The hand axe is the longest used tool in human history. Since the Paleolithic age, people have been using them to create many other tools, goods and weapons, and to fight off intruders to their territory. Hand axes are again very useful of Rifts Earth as nature has taken back much of the planet, and the vast expanses of wilderness are thick with vegetation. A machete shares the same statistics and is almost as useful.
Cost:40cr. Availability:common.


Created by the will of the user, these weapons manifest themselves out of pure psychic energy. Once created, the swords are real and tangible items. Their blades cut like a metal sword, and they have weight in the hand, perfectly balanced as well. They inflict Radiant damage, which is not blocked by armor. They will cease to exist in the hands of someone other than who created it, but certain talents can make a blade continue to exist outside of the knight’s hands.
Cost:NA. Availability:Impossible.


Whether crafted from a piece of wood, or just a metal pipe, the staff has been around in many forms for thousands of years.
Cost:Free to 500cr. Availability:common.

Powered Staff

Sometimes enchanted with the power of the ley lines, sometimes powered by small e-clips which last for 2 hours of use before recharging needed, the powered staff adds a little sonic vibration to inflict more harm on your target than a normal piece of wood.
Cost:6000-9000cr. Availability:uncommon.


Grenades are anti personal weapons which explode a short time after being activated or fired. Since the time before the Rifts, grenades have become even more dangerous, and come in multiple forms;fragmentation, plasma, focused high explosive, etc. Attack rolls are modified by either Strength when thrown, or by Dexterity when fired from a launcher. Launched grenades explode on impact.
Cost:400-2000cr. Availability:uncommon.

TK (Techno Wizard) Weapons

TK(Telekinetic) weapons encompass many different types of armaments. Created by Techno Wizards, they do not use standard e-clips or slug-thrower ammunition, but instead fire telekinetic bolts of energy which are magically propelled and inflict force damage. Reloading a TK weapon is accomplished by the user spending 1 P.P.E. Some variations inflict fire, cold or other damage types, and being proficient in a TK weapon is usually gained by being proficient in a similar normal pistol rifle or cannon. Techno Wizards are automatically proficient in all TK weapons, anyone else must possess training in Arcana or Psi-Craft in order to activate them. Those attempting to fire a TK weapon who do not have one of these feats are unable to make it work.
Cost: 15,000-200,000cr. Availability: legend.

Plasma Weapons

These weapons fire globs of semi-solid burning fire. They require almost twice the amount of energy to fuel a shot than laser weapons, even though powered by standard e-clips. Plasma weapons also make a soft, but distinct sound when fired, similar to a ‘squish’. As the ‘glob’dissipates, massive amounts of heat are released. Anyone struck by a plasma weapon takes an additional 1D6 fire damage, regardless of armor, at the start of their next turn.
Cost: 28,000-48,000cr. Availability:rare.

From simple wooden bows with a flaxen string, to high tech modern style compound bows, archery has been with us for a long time. Though mostly relegated to huntsman and the odd wilderness scout, standard broad head arrows with razor sharp points are very effective against armor and ignore 3DR, (penetration 3). Cost: 1500-50,000+cr. Availability:uncommon.
Types of arrows include:
  • high explosive – +2D10 fire damage
  • fragmentation – damage and effect as Fragmentation grenade
  • neural disruptors – half damage; save or dazed on hit
  • magical – various spell effects such as fireball, globe of ice, life drain etc.
  • tracers – successful hit allows +2 to attack rolls for self and allies until end of encounter
  • tear gas – +12 vs Fortitude, Blinded, Dazed and Weakened on hit, Slowed on miss
  • nerve gas – 2D8 Poison damage and hit targets are stunned and weakened save ends each separately
  • flares – visible for miles when fired into the air
  • smoke – provides total concealment for area burst 2, smoke lasts 6 rounds
Particle Beams

Particle weapons turn energy to solid force, and strike very hard. Wielding a particle beam weapon requires a large amount of strength just to hold on to the thing when firing it. Each shot after the first during each round suffers a cumulative -2 to attack rolls, due to the immense recoil. Any target damaged by a particle beam is slowed until the end of their next turn.
Cost:35,000-70,000cr. Availability:rare.


Cannons are heavy ranged weapons commonly mounted on vehicles, which require two hands and great strength to operate and reload. They pack more of a punch and can be mounted on tripods for increased stability. Those not found directly drawing from a nuclear power supply of a vehicle are supplied power by the massive 20 pound e-canisters. These monsters are not possible to fire without proficiency and a high enough strength.
Cost:32,000-72,000cr. Availability:restricted.

Rail Guns

The most notable change to warfare since the invention of the gun, rail guns were created before the coming of the Rifts. These weapons super-accelerate particles of matter to multiple times the speed of sound, and are dangerously accurate, even at longer ranges. All this power comes in a very heavy package, and most beings cannot even lift a rail gun, the exceptions are the supernaturally strong, and Borgs/robots.

All rail guns fire in burst mode only, firing 30 ‘rounds’, and affecting a 2×2 square. The wielder must possess the burst fire feat and meet the STR requirement to have any reasonable chance of hitting where they want to aim at, and attacks are made at -5. The only exception to this is when a Robot vehicle has a mounted Rail Gun—in this case the Robot & Power Armor Combat Feat meets the requirements of Burst Fire. If one wishes to fire at a single target using the burst fire feat, the attack roll is made at -10 on the roll, adds+7, +14, or+21 damage, and inflicts half damage on a miss.
Cost: 50,000-150,000cr. Availability: rare.

The Boom Gun

The special and exclusive weapon of the ‘Glitter Boy’is a sort of rail gun that fires a large – think 20 ounce bottle – single shell of ammunition, basically a slug. In order to fire this weapon, even the 3000 pound glitter boy must use a special recoil suppression system in order to stay in its square.

Hydraulic toe hooks and six foot telescoping anti-sway pylons with a laser drill extend from the ‘feet’of the armor when the suit is about to fire, and jet thrusters synchronized to gun elevation and aim provide dampening;without these, the glitter boy is thrown backwards like a leaf in the wind.

Each time the gun is fired, a sonic boom is created from the mass acceleration and all those without ear protection within 20 squares are deafened, save ends. Medium or smaller sized targets hit by the boom gun are pushed 3 squares and must save or become prone.

When not in use, the gun is stored on the armor’s back in a barrel up position. Firing the weapon whether stored or deployed is a full round action.

Fusion Blocks

Like modern day C4, this high explosive is used mostly for demolition, and is timer activated, (30 seconds to 5 minutes), or activated by a remote detonator. It resembles a brick, and could only be thrown a short distance. One side of the block holds the timer or circuit board, the other has a semi soft adhesive which will stick to any smooth surface. The destructive power is about 4 times the effectiveness of C4, and detonates in a blast 2, and the force explodes towards the sticky side.

Missiles range in size from the size of a 1-liter bottle up to larger than a human. They are fired from power armor, robots, vehicles and special hand held launchers. They have different ranges and areas of effect depending on the type: fragmentation, high explosive, or plasma. If you aim when making an attack with a missile it locks onto the target and can track independently. Make your attack normally, if you miss, the missile can attempt the same attack next turn with a -5 penalty, (you do not need to spend another action to make this attack. If the missile misses a second time it self-destructs harmlessly.
Attacking a Missile. If a missile misses its target initially, it is possible to shoot it down before it attacks again. It is possible to attack a missile while it is on its way to its first target but you must have a readied action specifically for this purpose.
  • mini-missiles have a Reflex defense of 30 and 10 HP;
  • short range missiles have a Reflex defense of 33 and 15 HP;
  • medium range missiles have a Reflex defense of 36 and 20 HP;
  • long range missiles have a Reflex defense of 40 and 25 HP;
Additional Weapon Properties

Brutal: When rolling a brutal weapon’s damage, reroll any die that displays a value equal to or lower than the brutal value given for the weapon. Reroll the die until the value shown exceeds the weapon’s brutal value, and then use the new value.
Heavy Thrown: You hurl a thrown weapon from your hand, rather than using it to shoot a projectile. A ranged basic attack with a heavy thrown weapon uses your Strength instead of your Dexterity for the attack and damage rolls.
High Crit: A high crit weapon deals more damage when you score a critical hit with it. A critical hit deals weapon damage+1 die of damage at 1st & 10th levels, +2 dice at 11th & 20th levels, and+3 dice at 21st & 30th levels. This extra damage is in addition to any critical damage the weapon supplies if it is a magic weapon and is added to base damage if the critical damage is doubled or tripled.
Light Thrown: A ranged basic attack with a light thrown weapon uses your Dexterity. Light thrown weapons don’t deal as much damage as heavy thrown weapons, but some abilities let you hurl several of them at once or in rapid succession.
Off-Hand: An off-hand weapon is light enough that you can hold it and attack effectively with it while holding a weapon in your main hand. You can attack with both weapons in the same turn using the full attack action, you suffer a -10 on all attack rolls.
Pistol: Pistols are one-handed, semi-automatic, and can be used as paired weapons. A player can only fire both in the same round by using the full attack action, and taking a -10 to all attack rolls.
Reach: With a reach weapon, you can attack enemies that are 2 squares away from you as well as adjacent enemies, with no attack penalty. You can still make opportunity attacks only against adjacent enemies. Likewise, you can flank to give an ally combat advantage only against an adjacent enemy.
Rifles: Rifles require two hands to fire, aim and reload. They are longer ranged than pistols, and some are capable of firing bursts.
Versatile: Versatile weapons are one-handed, but you can use them two-handed. If you do, you deal an extra 1 point of damage when you roll damage for the weapon. A Small character such as a Halfling must use a versatile weapon two-handed and doesn’t deal extra damage.

A note on weapon manufacturers

Almost all weapons in North America are made by 5 separate manufacturers, and each company’s wares have their own separate and distinct properties. These manufacturers are:The Black Market, Wilk’s Enterprises, Northern Gun, Triax of the NGR, and the Coalition States.

Black Market Weapons. The industry standard of all guns, armor, and vehicles, is the Black Market. Created by no one knows who, no one knows where, these items are the majority of all equipment. All starting equipment is of Black Market design and origin. They attack without bonus or penalty. Crit range 20. Fumble range 1.
Coalition Weapons. Also very common, CS weapons are the most durable and hardy weapons one can find. All CS weapons have an inherent +1 to damage rolls. Crit range 20. Fumble range 1.
Northern Gun Weapons. Made by the small independent city state of Mantestique in what once was northern Michigan. These weapons are known to pack a wallop although they can be buggy. Critical range 19-20. Fumble range 1-2.
Triax Weapons. Produced overseas in old Europe, these weapons are reputed to be the best weapons in the world. All attack and damage rolls gain +1 with Triax weapons, and a fumble is impossible. Critical range 20. Fumble range 0.
Wilk’s Enterprises Weapons. Balanced perfectly, and made of black ceramics, these are sought after by many. Make all attack rolls with Wilk’s guns have at +2. Critical range 20. Fumble range 1.


Armor is essential to survival. Each class has its starting armor proficiencies listed in the class description. Armor provides DR against incoming damage from sources which will attack through the armor;i.e. gunfire, fireballs, energy bolts, etc.

There are two main classifications of armor, F.E.B.A. (environmentally sealed armor), and non-F.E.B.A. & which is not sealed against the elements or temperatures, gases, etc. There are some properties common to all F.E.B.A. armor:
  • Complete environmental body armor suitable for use in most hostile environments.
  • Computer controlled life support system. Internal cooling and temperature control. Artificial air circulation systems, gas filtration system, humidifier.
  • Computer controlled oxygen supply and purge system which automatically activates in low oxygen or contaminated air environments.
  • Five hour oxygen supply.
  • Insulated high temperature resistant shielding for temperatures up to 200 degrees centigrade. Normal fires do no damage;weapons, magic, plasma etc., do full damage.
  • At least minimal radiation shielding.
  • Polarized and light sensitive/adjusting tinted visor.
  • Directional short range radio built into helmet, 5-10 mile range.
  • Armor check penalties to movement related skills, acrobatics, stealth etc.

Non F.E.B.A. armor still possesses some of these advantages, but not all, each suit is differently constructed. Individual questions.

Types of Armor

When wearing armor you are not proficient in, you gain the DR provided, but not the AC or Fortitude bonus. You still suffer any penalties to physical skills and movement.

Fibre Armor

Made from woven together pieces of super strong cloth like fibers, this armor offers super lightweight protection with a maximum amount of flexibility.

Plastic Armor

Made from space age plastics, this armor is light, and is covered in plastic plates attached to a fibrous suit which gives a little more strength than fibre armor, but still has a lot of maneuverability.

Carbon Composite Armor

Created from super hard man made polymers, armors of this type are super hardened plates made from a variety of materials. The finished products is like a plate mail appearance.

Kevlar Blended Armor

Kevlar, added to carbon and metal plate pieces covers the body in protection that can stop a bullet. Kevlar armor is a popular choice among the bounty hunter and mercenary community as it is cheap to maintain, but provides a high level of protection.

Alloy Armor

Made from a blending of different metals;steel, aluminum, tin, etc.;alloy armor is the quintessential light combat armor. The ‘Dead Boy’suits worn by CS Dog Boy squads, CS Psi-Stalkers and support troops are all alloy and alloy blends.

Heavy Armor

Heavy armor is made up of heavy metal plates, usually covered with a polycarbonate shell, laid on top of a Kevlar bodysuit. Another popular material is a high tech ceramic, which is very heavy, but super durable. This armor as a result is heavy and movement restricting, and meant for serious combat situations. The standard CS soldiers are equipped in Heavy armor.

Special Armor Types

Included in this category are the very lightweight Ley Line Walker Concealed armor, bolt-on Borg only armor, suits made especially for non humans or mutants, and various other armor which may or may not require a specific proficiency to wear.

This table is just a sample of the many types of armor that is produced on Rifts Earth. There are far more suits and manufacturers of armor then is possible to list.

Fibre Armor Reflex Bonus Fortitude Bonus Damage Reduction Armor Check Speed Penalty Credit Cost Weight
Fury Beetle Armor +1 +1 DR6 - - ₡18, 000 5 lbs.
Urban Warrior Padded Armor +1 - DR7 -1 - ₡22, 000 8 lbs.
Plastic Armor Reflex Bonus Fortitude Bonus Damage Reduction Armor Check Speed Penalty Credit Cost Weight
Plastic-Man Plate EBA +2 +1 DR8 - - ₡11, 000 11 lbs.
T-43 Light Explorer EBA +2 +1 DR8 -1 - ₡26, 000 12 lbs.
Carbon Composite Armor Reflex Bonus Fortitude Bonus Damage Reduction Armor Check Speed Penalty Credit Cost Weight
Bushman Composite +3 - DR9 - - ₡42, 000 15 lbs.
T-42 Commando Scout EBA +3 +2 DR10 -1 -1 ₡45, 000 17 lbs.
Kevlar Blends Reflex Bonus Fortitude Bonus Damage Reduction Armor Check Speed Penalty Credit Cost Weight
Huntsman Kevlar +4 - DR11 -1 - ₡35, 000 18 lbs.
Knight Crusader EBA* +4 +3 DR11 -1 -1 ₡42, 000 20 lbs.
Alloy Armor Reflex Bonus Fortitude Bonus Damage Reduction Armor Check Speed Penalty Credit Cost Weight
Light Dead Boy Plate EBA* +4 +3 DR13 -1 - ₡30, 000 32 lbs.
Juicer Flex Plate* +5 - DR13 - - ₡54, 000 18 lbs.
Cyber Knight Plate Mail* +6 - DR15 -1 -1 ₡68, 000 36lbs.
Heavy Armor Reflex Bonus Fortitude Bonus Damage Reduction Armor Check Speed Penalty Credit Cost Weight
Full Metal Dead-Boy Plate EBA* +7 +4 DR17 -2 -1 ₡70, 000 28 lbs.
Ceramic Assault EBA +8 +4 DR18 -2 -2 ₡100, 000 24 lbs.
Special Armor Types Reflex Bonus Fortitude Bonus Damage Reduction Check Speed Credit Cost Weight
Line Walker Concealed Armor +1 - DR7 - - ₡15, 000 6 lbs.
Light Borg Assault Armor* +4 +2 DR12 -1 -1 ₡125, 000 34 lbs.
Heavy Borg Assault Armor* +8 +6 DR20 -2 -2 ₡250, 000 65 lbs.
Vs. Ion Damage** +8 - DR8 - - - -
Light Dog Boy Armor +3 +1 DR11 - - ₡23, 000 12 lbs.
Heavy Dog Boy Armor* +6 +2 DR14 -1 -1 ₡45, 000 18 lbs.

*Metal Armor, no DR versus Ion Damage. **Ceramic Lining versus Ion Damage Only.

One-Handed Prof Damage Range Ammo Group Properties Str Req.
Ballistic Revolver +2 3D4 10/20 6 Pistol Ballistic,Off-Hand


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