Talents are essential building blocks for heroic Rifts characters. No character is complete without them, and most of their usefulness as a being comes from their talents.

The following talent table includes talents that any qualified character can select. For class specific talents please refer to the individual class pages, they are all there now.

Rifts Anyone Talents

Talents Pre-Requisite Benefit

General Talent Tree (General Tree)

Consider it Done Level 5 Whenever you spend an action point to attack, or make a skill roll, and you fail to hit or succeed, you regain that action point at the start of your next turn.
Evasion na If hit by an attack that normally does half damage on a miss, take half damage if it hits, and take no damage if the attack misses you.
Evasion Plus+ Evasion Once per encounter as a Standard Action, you can make a melee attack against an adjacent opponent and move your speed away from them. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Ferocious Assault Burst Fire, Autofire Sweep Once per encounter, when making an autofire attack, you may attack a range 6 cone. This attack consumes 30 rounds of ammunition, you must have 30 rounds available to make this attack.
Increased Move Military Training feat As a minor action, you may move as much as half your normal move. This movement can come before or after the your standard or move actions during the round.
Minor Achievement Dexterity 17 This talent gives you an additional minor action each turn. Total of 2 minor, 1 move and 1 standard action.
Notorious Crazy, Cyber Knight, Dragon Hatchling, Juicer or Psi-Stalker. Due to your reputation, when not disguised, you may reroll Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate checks and keep the better result.
Inspire Fear I Notorious Opponents of equal or lower level than you take a -1 penalty to opposed skill rolls or attack rolls that include you as a target.
Terrify Inspire Fear Once per encounter as a standard action, make a Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate vs Will attack against an opponent who is affected by your Inspire Fear. If successful they must spend at least one move action moving away from you on their next turn. If they are somehow prevented from moving the Inspire Fear penalties are doubled until the start of your next turn.
Inspire Fear II Inspire Fear I As Inspire Fear I, except the penalty increases to -2.
Inspire Fear III Inspire Fear II As Inspire Fear II, except the penalty increases to -5.
Psi Hunter CS Military Training feat Gain +1 to Fortitude and Will defenses and +1 die of damage against those trained in Psi-Craft.
Unreadable na You gain a +5 bonus to your Will defense against checks made to read your emotions, and influence your attitude. in addition, when you successfully feint a target in combat, you may designate one ally to also receive combat advantage against that target until the end of your next turn.
Wealth na Gain 5000 X your level in credits, each time you go up a level.
Weapon Specialization Weapon Focus in chosen weapon You gain a +4 bonus on melee damage rolls, or +2 to ranged attack and damage rolls with the chosen weapon.

Magic Spells Talent Tree (General Tree)

Arcane Lightblade Int 17, Magical Ability, Lightblade Spell Your Lightblade becomes very powerful, inflicting your Intelligence + your level in damage.
Impervious to Energy Int 15, Magical Ability, Impervious to Cold, Impervious to Fire This talent allows you to cast an Encounter spell that grants to DR/20 to all forms of energy, fire, ion, ley, lasers, plasma, and cold.
Improved See the Invisible See the Invisible You may use your See the Invisible spell to illuminate an invisible creature. As a standard action, make an Arcana vs. Fortitude attack against the invisible target, if successful, the invisibility is dispelled and replaced by a glowing aura that provides all allies a +1 bonus on attack rolls against the target, save ends. When the target saves, their invisibility is still cancelled until reapplied.
Ley Healer Int 15, Magical Ability You now add your INT modifier to any healing received from spells you cast.
Greater Healer Heal Wounds Spell This talent modifies your Heal Wounds spell to provide an additional 1D10 HP to the target.
Super Healing Heal Wounds Spell, Greater Healing This talent turns your Heal Wounds spell into a powerful incantation which heals double the targets surge value for the cost of spending one surge.
Resurrection Heal Wounds, Greater Healing, Super Healing This talent gives you access to a new spell, which can restore life to a creature who has died no longer than one day per your level ago. Casting this spell and being raised by it gives a -1 penalty to all attacks rolls, skill checks, saving throws and ability checks.
Ley Line Commune Int 15, Magical Ability Once per encounter when within 6 squares of a ley line, you may make a DC 15 Arcana check as a free action, to recall a previously cast daily or encounter spell and use it immediately as a free action.
Ley Line Tendril Bolts Int 15, Magical Ability, Ley Line Commune With this talent you learn the At Will spell Ley Line Tendril Bolts.
Lightning Arc Int 17, Magical Ability, Electric Arc Spell, Call Lightning Spell Your Electric Arc spell becomes an Encounter power, and you gain the Lightning Arc Spell.
Magical Adrenal Rush Int 17, Magical Ability, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength You gain access to the ultimate in physical enhancement spells.
Metamorphosis Specialization Int 17, Magical Ability, Metamorphosis: Human Gain Access to the Metamorphosis: Superior Spell.
Ritual Proficiency Int 16, Magical Ability Able to perform spells as a ritual, ritual only magic, identify common ritual scenes, and assist in the casting of rituals.
Spell of Legend Int 21 Your research has turned up a general location and a riddle, which apparently will lead you to a lost copy of a Spell of Legend. With a DC: 35 Arcana Check, you can find out which spell the research will lead you to, otherwise, you will not know which Spell of Legend you will find at the end of the (surely) dangerous road ahead.
Wisps of Confusion Int 17, Magical Ability, Befuddle Spell You gain access to the advanced daily confusion spell.

Pilot Skills Tree (General Tree)

Close Scrape Trained in Pilot Once per encounter, make a Pilot check vs. the total attack roll to turn a critical hit into a regular hit.
Expert Gunner Trained in Pilot Gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls with vehicle weapons.
One With the Machine Expert Gunner Make attacks of opportunity while piloting a vehicle.
Power Armor and Robot Maneuvers PA & Robot Piloting,PA & Robot Combat, Expert Gunner, One With the Machine You are able to pull off the following maneuvers once per encounter each.
Blurred Motion. Move up to twice your speed make an attack with your armor’s primary weapon as a full round action. Compare the result of your attack roll with the Will defense of all enemies within 20 whom you did not attack, if successful you gain total concealment against them until the end of your next turn. If you move 6 squares or more in each successive round, you retain the concealment until the end of the encounter. You lose concealment against any target whom you attack.
Sudden Strike. Make a charge attack against an enemy in range, you do not suffer a penalty to AC and you may make a melee or ranged attack at the end of this charge that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Weaving Stride. As a move action, you may shift up to twice your speed, you gain +2 to your AC & Reflex defense until the start of your next turn for each creature you pass during this movement.

Second Sight Tree (General Psionic Tree)

Psionic Intuition Wis 13, Trained in Psi-Craft Use your Psi-Craft in place of Initiative.
Psionic Perception Wis 13, Trained in Psi-Craft Use Psi-Craft in place of Perception.
Psionic Sight Wis 15, Psionic Perception Make a DC:20 Psi-Craft check as minor action to ignore all concealment or Invisibility: Simple for 2 rounds.
See the Invisible Wis 15, Psionic Perception, Psionic Sight You are able to see creatures who are magically invisible at all times, and gain a +5 on your Will defense vs. Psionic Invisibility.
Intuitive Combat Wis 15, Psionic Perception, Sixth Sense Psi-Power You may spend a standard action to make a DC: 24 Psi-Craft check, if successful you gain +2 to attack and +4 to damage rolls in melee or point blank combat vs. a chosen target until the end of the encounter or until it is slain. You can reapply this talent to another target with another standard action.
Improved Intuitive Combat Wis 15, Psionic Perception, Sixth Sense Psi-Power You may enter an Intuitive Combat state as a move action instead of a standard action.
Psychic Omni-Sight Wis 15, Psionic Perception As a full round action, make a DC:20 Psi-Craft check, if successful, you may Take 20 on all perception checks regarding the area within 50 feet and can see any invisible, out of phase, or hidden creatures/objects until the end of your next turn.

Augmentation Tree (General Psionic Tree)

Beware the Sacrilege! Sense Evil You gain a +3 bonus to all defenses against supernatural evil.
Blight Upon Evil Sense Evil You gain a bonus to damage against supernatural evil equal to your level.
Obliterate Senses Deaden Senses Your Deaden Senses power will now effect a number of targets up to your Wisdom modifier + your level.
Tits Ahoy! Distract Your Distract ability will now affect an additional number of targets equal to your Charisma Modifier (Minimum 1).
Expanded Energy Control Energy Control Your Energy Control expands to cover a close burst 2 if desired.
Energy Redirection Expanded Energy Control When using Energy Control, you may replace a previously used encounter or daily power into your power suite for each 10 or 20 points of damage you absorb in any one square of the area of effect. If you have not previously used encounter or daily powers, your use of energy control does not count towards your limit of energy control uses. This may only be used once per encounter.

Alteration Tree (General Psionic Tree)

Healing Boost Trained in Psi-Craft, Cellular Adjustment When healing somebody through Cellular Adjustment, the amount of damage healed increases by 1 per heroic level.
No, Purificate You! Psychic Purification When using Psychic Purification, once per encounter you may remove the effect from an ally, and apply it to the originator of the attack with a successful Wisdom vs. Fortitude attack.
Altered Reality Reality Warp Your Reality Warp Power now effects up to a number of targets equal to your level.

Control Tree (General Psionic Tree)

Empathic Transmission Wis 15, Psionic Ability, Empathy Psi Power This talent allows you to use your Empathy psi-power to make emotional attacks upon single targets within 10 squares. Make a Wisdom vs. Will Attack as a standard action. Each ability may be used once per encounter.
Sorrow. Invokes great sadness. If possible / feasible, the victims will surrender or leave without a battle; also, those hit are Weakened and suffer -4 to attack rolls, save ends.
Confusion. Disorients the targets. Those hit are Dazed and will attack a random target each round, save ends.
Fear. Invokes unreasoning terror in those affected. The target will take two move actions moving away from the battlefield on their next turn, afterwards they suffer -2 on attack rolls, save ends.
Anger. Will prompt those affected to act rashly, attack, argue violently, etc. Victims are +2 to damage and -2 to AC and Reflex and charge the nearest creature/enemy.
Love. The target looks upon the psionic with peace and joy in their heart. They will not engage in combat unless combat is forced upon them. You also gain +15 to Diplomacy checks vs. the target.
Happiness. Makes all affected feel great. Targets gain +3 on all skill checks, and hesitate to engage in combat – Dazed, save ends.
Mechanics Ghost Machine Ghost You may use your Psi-Craft for Mechanics as well as Computers.


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