Skills used in Rifts are mostly a combined set from 4e D&D® and Star Wars Saga®. Examples of skill uses are: your character wants to decipher information in a computer; pull off a daring physical feat, discern if someone is lying to them, talk themselves out of a sticky situation, or sneak around unseen. Here are the abbreviated rules.

A skill check is:
1D20 ½ your level key ability modifier + any miscellaneous bonuses or penalties

Training in a skill provides a +5 bonus to rolls for that skill. Characters receive training at first level as found in the class descriptions, or may use a feat to gain training in any skill.

Taking 10 & Taking 20
  • As found in the Star Wars Saga Core Rulebook, page 60.

Skill Descriptions

  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in 4e D&D, except, is gained by taking the Magical Ability feat, and also grants the taker the magical cantrips.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • This skill determines your success when using computers; allows you to make knowledge checks about computer related topics; and is based on your Intelligence modifier. Possible actions include computer accessing, computer programming, and computer hacking. Programming is more difficult than access, and hacking is more difficult than programming.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • Similar to how this skill operates in Saga, with most of the rules pertaining to droids not applicable.
Make a Medicine check to administer first aid.
First Aid: Standard action.
  • DC: Varies depending on the task you’re attempting.
  • Use Second Wind: Make a DC 10 Medicine check to allow an adjacent character to use his or her second wind without the character having to spend an action. The character doesn’t gain the defense bonuses normally granted by second wind.
  • Stabilize the Dying: Make a DC 15 Medicine check to stabilize an adjacent dying character. If you succeed, the character can stop making death saving throws until he or she takes damage. The character’s current hit point total doesn’t change as a result of being stabilized.
  • Grant a Saving Throw: Make a DC 15 Medicine check. If you succeed, an adjacent ally can immediately make a saving throw, or the ally gets a +2 bonus to a saving throw at the end of his or her next turn.
  • Revivify: Make a DC 25 Medicine check on a charcter who has died within 2 rounds. If successful, the character is unconscious instead of dead. A failed check has no effect. Requires an IRMSS Kit.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in Saga.
  • As magic has taken form in the world of Rifts, so has the power of thought and the effectiveness of the brain. Humans in wild numbers have begun to manifest ‘powers ‘ of the mind that allow them to create matter, move objects, dominate the wills of others, and communicate with technology. Psi-craft can be used a knowledge skill and is based on Wisdom. This skill can only be trained by taking the psionic ability feat.
  • What’s H2O? How does a combustion engine create drive force? What do the organs of a frog look like? Science can be used as a knowledge skill. Being trained in science also allows one to do lab work, use scientific method, gives knowledge of common scientific practices and procedures, etc.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in 4e D&D.
  • As in 4e D&D.


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