Rifts Earth Races:

Available races on Rifts Earth are practically unlimited. Rifts can be opened to Earth from anywhere, in any universe, allowing any sort of character concept to exist.


Humans who have survived the coming of the rifts come in two varieties: beaten down, common folks just trying to scrape by in a world filled with monsters who can kill with a thought; and heroic, durable individuals brought about by some miracle of breeding to become strong, intelligent leaders in a world gone mad.

+2 to one ability score; +2 to two skills of choice; One extra feat and one extra trained skill at 1st level, +1 to Fort, Reflex & Will defenses. All humans also have a chance for innate psionic ability, see below.

Rifts Earth Mutation. During character creation choose either to take +2 to an additional ability score, or choose psionics, 2 at will, 1 encounter, and 1 daily power. You may choose any minor powers except Sixth Sense and Energy Control without regard to prerequisites, you may not choose any ‘Super’ psionics. You do not learn the psionic cantrips, you do not become trained in Psi-Craft. If you wish to learn additional psionic abilities you must spend non-bonus feat selections on Psionic Ability and Psionic Study. These powers are a manifestation of the harsh environment you were born into and are the next step in humanity’s evolution to fit better with the world they inhabit.


True Atlanteans were the original inhabitants of the lost continent of Atlantis. They look like tall humans, but their potential is much greater even than the mutated humans of Rifts Earth. Displaced from their ancestral homes by the Splugorth, dragons, and other dimensional travelers, they are now a wandering and scattered people, who have nowhere to truly call home.

+2 Intelligence and Dexterity; +2 History and +2 Insight; Starts with Magical Ability Feat, and the Marks of Heritage; (Tattoo Magic – Heart Pierced by a Wooden Stake – Immune to vampire mind control, gain a +2 to attacks, damage and skill rolls against vampires, & A Flaming Weapon – Which Creates a Flaming Sword or Dagger (Minor Action), either incarnation will inflict 2D8 fire damage + Intelligence modifier fire damage, +2 proficiency bonus. Choosing a True Atlantean also adds 1D8 to your base P.P.E.


Rifts Earth is a world covered with portals that open and close randomly, numerous are the stories of creatures being ripped from their homes through an opening rift, and finding themselves in a world beyond their imagining.

Any races from any game system can be incorporated. Races from 4e D&D are used practically as is, races from other systems and Star Wars Saga Edition and easily transferred into the Rifts Earth system. See your GM for any questions or conversions.


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