Psi Stalker

Psi stalker

Psi-Stalkers are mutated humans from Rifts Earth. They do not originate from anywhere else in the Mega-verse. Since the time of Rifts, Psi-Stalkers have lived in the wilds of the land, hidden and feral. In the last 30 years they have begun to join the rest of society. The Coalition States maintains force of Psi-Stalkers that are the commanders of their Dog-Boy squads. Others have joined with city-states such as Lazlo and Kingsdale to act in many special capacities. The thing true of all Psi-Stalkers, is the need to feed on the magical and psychic energy within creatures, and some mutant animals.


Role: Striker / Leader
Abilities: Strength and Wisdom primary, Dexterity and Charisma Secondary, it also helps to have a good Constitution.
Alignment: Any, usually non lawful for wild stalkers, lawful for CS stalkers.
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Fibre, Plastic, Carbon & Kevlar, knows how to use all Simple weapons and all 1 handed Vibro weapons.
Starting P.P.E. Base: 6d6
Starting Skills: Acrobatics & Psi-Craft. Chose 4 more from: Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance, Intimidate, Perception, Pilot, Stealth, Streetwise and Thievery.
Hit Points and Healing Surges: 24+Con starting, 6+Con each level, and 9+Con surges.
Starting Feats: Two-Weapon Style.

Physical Qualities
As a mutated human, and feral creature of the wilderness, Psi-Stalkers have attuned their senses to life in the wilds, and coming into conflict with Supernatural beings is a common occurrence. As such, Stalkers have developed a natural enhanced Strength, gain a +2 bonus. They are developed major psionics as well, gain +2 to Wisdom. Physically they are a sight to behold, their skin has gone pale white, many file their teeth to points, and their bodies no longer grow hair, they are easily identifiable as Psi-Stalkers outside of full EBA, and people will often react strongly to them in one way or another. As close to ninjas as exist in the world anymore the Stalker race gains a +2 bonus to Fortitude and Will defenses, and a +2 bonus to Stealth and Endurance skills.

Ley Line Interference
Ley lines and magical energy can play vicious tricks upon their sensitive psychic nature Much like the Dog Boy’s. When within 20 squares of a ley line, the Stalker’s ‘sense’ psionics cease to function, as they are muddied by the power of the flowing magic of the line.

Stalker’s Bloodlust
Focus your Bloodlust against a target within 10 squares as a minor action. When you make a melee attack against the target and the target is the only enemy adjacent to you, you make two attack rolls and use either result. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter or until the target drops to 0 hit points, at which point you regain the use of this power. If another effect lets you roll twice and use the higher result when making an attack roll, this power has no effect on that attack. If an effect forces you to roll twice and use the lower result when making an attack roll, this power has no effect on that attack either. If an effect lets you reroll an attack roll and you rolled twice because of this power, you reroll both dice.

Psionic Ability
Psi-Stalkers inherently know the psionic disciplines of Cellular Adjustment, Detect Psionics, Sense Magic, Psychic Purification, Presence Sense and Hypnotic Suggestion. Supernatural creatures such as demons and gods are identified immediately, and their ‘scents’ are incredibly odorous. You are uniquely sensitive to psychic energy and can ‘track’ a psychic by scent alone using Psi-Craft or Perception. You can never learn additional psionic disciplines nor magic spells. You are considered a major psionic.

Psychic Vampire
When you have combat advantage against a magic user, or major or super psionic, you may make a Charisma vs. Fortitude attack as a standard action, to attempt to feed off their psychic energy. If successful, you may spend a healing surge and gain additional HP equal to your Charisma modifier.

Requires Sustenance
Each week a Psi-Stalker must ‘feed’ on 20 P.P.E of psychic energy. This energy is common to all life, though those with magical or psionic ability will possess a higher amount. The Stalker can feed directly on the energy of a nearby (6 squares) ley line, although this tastes awful (think rotten milk) and leaves the Stalker at -4 to all Activity for 6 hours. If the Stalker is unable to feed on 20 P.P.E. per week they suffer a minus on all activity equal to the amount of P.P.E. they came up short until they can feed on a total of 30 P.P.E – includes the amount they have already received that week. Prolonged lack of feeding, past two weeks will leave the stalker dying of starvation, and constantly in a Slowed and Weakened state.

Bonus Feats: Accelerated Attack, Advantageous Attack, Alertness, Angled Throw, Armor Specialization, Athletics, Brink Of Death, Cellular Aptitude, Cleave, Coalition Military Training, Combat Expertise, Combat Medic, Combat Reflexes, Conditioning, Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Barrage, Cornered, Critical Strike, Defensive Mobility, Desperate Gambit, Die Hard, Dodge, Double Attack, Duck And Cover, Durable, Escape Artist, Flash And Clear, Fool Me Once…, Free Quebec Military Training, Great Cleave, Group Assault, Gun In Your Face (Pistol), Hercules Type Shit, Impetuous Move, Improved Charge, Improved Defenses, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Rapid Strike, Jack Of All Trades, Juggling, Lazlo Military Training, Long Jumper, Marathon Running, Natural Salesman, Natural Toughness, Opportunistic Retreat, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Psionic Mastery, Quick Draw, Rapid Strike, Reaping Blade, Reckless Offense, Relentless, Resurgence, Savage Attack, Sidekick, Skill Focus, Skill Training, Strafe, Staggering Attack, Tactical Advantage, Toughness, Traumatic Life Experience, Triple Attack, Triple Crit, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Style, Two Weapon Threat, Walk It Off, Wary Defender, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Weapon Proficiency, Wicked Strike, Zen Combatant, and Zero Range.
Starting Equipment: Aluminum travel case (10 lbs. capacity), camera (digital), chemical light sticks (5), casual clothing, duct tape, fake ID, flashlight, handcuffs, concealed holster, city map, laser pistol, lock picks, cell phone, 3 extra e-clips.

Rifts Psi-Stalker Talent Trees

Talents Pre-Requisite Benefit

Blood Tree

Energy Transfer Psi-Stalker Once per encounter per ally as a minor action, make a DC 15 Endurance check to provide an ally with within 12 squares temporary HP equal to 5+ your charisma modifier. You suffer a -5 penalty to your Endurance skill until the beginning of your next turn.
The Blood Is The Life Energy Transfer Whenever you damage a target with a successful melee attack, you may use Energy Transfer as a free action until the beginning of your next turn.
Psi-Hunter Psi-Stalker Gain +1 to Fortitude and Will defenses and +1 die of damage against Major or Super Psionics.
Spiritual Harness Psi-Hunter Once per encounter when you succeed in a melee attack against a Psychic or Magic user, you may forego dealing damage to force that target to use one of its psionic or magic abilities in a manner of your choosing as a free action immediately.
Blood Surge Psi-Stalker When you clear a status effect from yourself for any reason you gain temporary hit points equal to 5+ your level.
I Drink To Get Through The Day none Once per day, you make may an melee or unarmed attack (Str vs. AC) against an adjacent enemy. If you deal damage beyond the targets damage reduction, you give yourself and all allies within 5 temporary HP equal to 5+ your Charisma modifier.

Combat Tree

Acrobatic Dodge Trained in Acrobatics As an immediate interrupt, make an Acrobatics check vs. the attack roll to negate a melee attack, cumulative -5 on attempts since the beginning of your last turn.
Sweep The Leg Johnny Acrobatic Dodge As an immediate reaction, make an attack against an opponent whom you have successfully dodged, you may either deal damage, or knock the target prone. This ability ignores the rule for one immediate action per round.
Acrobatic Recovery Trained in Acrobatics As an immediate interrupt make an acrobatics check to avoid falling prone.
Defensive Acuity Trained in Acrobatics When you fight defensively, you gain +1 die of damage to claws attacks, and gain a +2 bonus to your acrobatics check to dodge melee attacks. This bonus lasts until the end of your next turn.
Elusive Target Trained in Acrobatics When in melee, ranged opponents suffer a -5 penalty to hit you.
Resilience Psi-Stalker As a full round action, you find your spiritual center an remove up to two status effects currently effecting you or your Dog-Boy ally.
Stalker’s Claws Psi-Stalker Whenever you damage an opponent in melee with Vibro-Claws, they take a -2 penalty to attack anyone other than you until the start of your next turn. This effects any number of creatures at once.

Wild Stalker Tree

Leap Attack Stalker’s Bloodlust active When within your speed from a target whom you have made the target of your Stalker’s Bloodlust, you may use a standard and a move action to move to the target and attack with a +2 bonus, after the attack is resolved, you may shift 2 squares.
Stalker Vendetta Psi-Stalker As a minor action, all enemies are -2 to attack rolls to any target other than you.
Call Out Stalker Vendetta When using Stalker Vendetta, you may designate one target to receive a -5 penalty.
Unleashed Battle-Fury Psi-Stalker Once per day, you may enter a state of bloodlust. During this time you gain +2 to attack and damage rolls, but suffer a -4 to AC and Will defense.
Weapon Specialization (Vibro-Claws) Weapon Focus (Vibro-Claws) Gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls with your Vibro-claws.


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Psi Stalker

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