Ley Line Walker

Line walker

The Ley Line Walker is a mystic who has felt a calling from the magic awakened in the time of Rifts. They can be of any race, although 95% are Rifts Earth Humans, and all share a common affinity for feeling and understanding the magic and power of Ley Lines and magic in general. Sometimes loners, sometimes scholars who take up residence within cities where their skills are highly valued, these masters of magic are at home everywhere except the Coalition States, where they are feared, loathed, and hunted.


Role: Controller, sometimes striker.
Abilities: Intelligence is primary. Constitution is secondary. A good Dexterity would also help.
Alignment: Any.
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Ley Line Walker armor and Simple weapons.
Starting P.P.E. Base: Special, starts with P.P.E. equal to their Intelligence. Each level they gain their Intelligence Mod in additional P.P.E., minimum of 3 P.P.E. each level.
Starting Skills: Arcana & Medicine. Chose 3 more from: Diplomacy, Endurance, History, Insight, Perception and Pilot.
Hit Points and Healing Surges: 18+Con starting, 4+Con each level, 6+Con surges.
Starting Feats: Starts with Magical Ability.

Innate Spell Ability
At first level, all Ley Line Walkers know all magic cantrips and the spells: Armor of Ithan(E), Blinding Flash(AW), Carpet of Adhesion(AW), Energy Bolt(AW), Fire Bolt(D), Globe of Daylight(AW), Heal Wounds(E), Sense Magic(AW), and Shock(AW). They may choose an additional 1 At-Will, 1 Encounter, and 1 Daily spell at first level, and gain one new spell (excepting spells of legend) from personal study and reflection at each new experience level. Spells may also be learned from certain items during their career. At 21st and 30th levels they gain the bonus talent Spell of Legend. These are in addition to spells purchased with the Magical Study Feat. Keep in mind, one must always know more At-Will spells than Encounter, and more Encounter than Daily spells.

Ley Line Acuity
Line Walkers can sense and feel Ley Lines and know if there are any within 10 miles of their location. They not only know the location, but also the size of a line, what directions on the Earth it runs, and where nexus points are located, if any. They can also sense an open or opening dimensional portal within 20 miles. Once visited, Ley Line locations and details become innate knowledge to a Walker, and forgetting one or its location is a rare event.

Ley Line Augmentation
When actually present at a Ley Line, (within 20 squares), the Ley Line Walker’s power is unmatched. They are a living conduit for the energy of magic and its power +4 to attack and damage rolls(per tier) of all the spells cast nearby. Once per round as a move action, the Walker can also teleport to anywhere on the line within sight, or within 6 squares of it. The line walker can literally ‘walk’ a line as though it were a solid material, and can float or drift along its length without expending any energy or thought. Lines themselves can be miles long and close to a half a mile high, and a Line Walker knows the exact dimensions of a line just by being near.

Magic, and Being in the Flow
With all spells, the Line Walker gains +1 to attack rolls, increasing to +3 at 11th level, and +6 at 21st. When not in magically flooded or suppressive environments the Ley Line Walker may use their Arcana skill instead of Perception when prompted. The Line Walker can feel the active use of magic within 100 feet, and the presence of a magical effect within 50 feet.

Bonus Feats: Alertness, Antipsionic Magic, Armor Specialization, Brink Of Death, Combat Expertise, Combat Medic, Combat Reflexes, Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Barrage, Defensive Mobility, Destructive Wizardry, Dodge, Durable, Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Fool Me Once…, Impetuous Move, Improved Defenses, Improved Initiative, Jack Of All Trades, Juggling, Lazlo Military Training, Linguist, Literacy, Magic Mastery, Magical Study, Marathon Running, Natural Salesman, Natural Toughness, Opportunistic Retreat, Psionic Defense, Resurgence, Ritual Caster, Sidekick, Skill Focus, Skill Training, Spell Focus, Spell Specialization, Tactical Advantage, Toughness, Traumatic Life Experience, Walk It Off, Wary Defender, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Weapon Proficiency, and Zen Combatant.
Starting Equipment: Cape, Traveler’s Clothing, Knapsack, Backpack, 2 Small Sacks, One Large Sack, 6 Wooden Stakes, Mallet, Canteen, Binoculars, Sunglasses, Gas Mask, Flashlight, Basic short range radio, 100’ of lightweight cord and grappling hook, pens, pencils and sketch pad. Survival knife, Laser Pistol, 3 extra e-clips of ammunition.

Rifts Ley Line Walker Talent Trees

Talents Pre-Requisite Benefit

Casting Mastery Tree

Adept Spellcaster none Once per encounter you may cast any spell as a full round action to reroll the attack roll and take the better result.
Ion Specialization Adept Spellcaster Your Ion spells now score a critical hit on a 19 or 20.
Fire Specialization Adept Spellcaster Your Fire spells now score a critical hit on a 19 or 20.
Ley Specialization Adept Spellcaster Your Ley spells now score a critical hit on a 19 or 20.
Power of the Ancients Ion, Fire & Ley Specialization All your spells now inflict additional damage equal to your full level.
Enduring Arcana Int 17, Magical Ability Once per day, make a DC: 20 Arcana check and spend an action point to recall a previously used daily spell. This spell can be cast right away as a free action. If you fail the Arcana check, this power is spent for the day.
Arcane Aptitude Enduring Arcana When you spend an action point to cast a spell, you may roll two dice for the attack and use either result.
Arcane Power Enduring Arcana Once per day you may cast a spell that requires a standard action as a minor action.
Cannibalize Power Enduring Arcana Once per day, you may sacrifice two daily spells from your available suite of spells to gain one action point.
Spell Mastery Enduring Arcana Arcane Aptitude, Arcane Power Any one Daily spell you know becomes usable as an encounter power. The spell must be selected when taking this talent and cannot be changed later.
Wizard’s Fire Enduring Arcana, Arcane Aptitude, Arcane Power, Cannibalize Power Any one Encounter spell you know becomes usable as an At-Will ability. The spell must be selected when taking this talent and cannot be changed later.
Master Blaster Int 13, Magical Ability You gain a +5 bonus to damage with area attack spells.
Explosive Momentum Adept Spellcaster Each round you gain a bonus to spell attack rolls equal to the number of enemies you damaged with an area attack in the previous round.
Wrath of Fenrath none You may spend an action point to double any damage dealt by you until the start of your next turn.

Spell Upgrades Tree

Armor Bizarre Int 17, Magical Ability, Armor of Ithan Spell Armor Bizarre upgrades your Armor of Ithan spell as to help keep a magic user safe when confronted with close range enemies. Your Armor spell now grows scores of tiny eyestalks and tentacles which are very distracting to anyone within 4 squares of you. Enemies who confront you must make a saving throw at the beginning of their turn or be Dazed for that round. Saving against the armor makes one immune to further attack for the rest of the encounter.
Globe of Cold Orb of Cold Your Orb of Cold spell may now be cast as an area burst 1, if desired.
I Told You Not To Throw Stones House of Glass Spell This spell now has a range of 20 and will affect up to 3 targets per casting.
Improved Energy Disruption Energy Disruption Spell Casting this spell will now disable any one electrical device, robot, power armor, weapon or vehicle, save ends. It also now inflicts 3D8+INT necrotic damage if applicable.
Invisibility: Superior Invisibility: Simple This modifies your Invisibility spell so that technology cannot detect you, and you only become visible for a moment when you attack and then immediately vanish again. Sustain minor.
Soul Drain Life Drain Your life drain spell now provides temporary hit points to all allies within 10 squares of you on a successful hit.

Talent Spells Tree

Arcane Lightblade Int 17, Magical Ability, Lightblade Spell Your Lightblade becomes more powerful, add your level in additional damage.
Impervious to Energy Int 15, Magical Ability, Impervious to Cold, Impervious to Fire This talent allows you to cast an Encounter spell that grants a target DR/25 to all forms of energy: fire, ion, ley, lasers, plasma, and cold.
Improved See the Invisible See the Invisible You may use your See the Invisible spell to illuminate an invisible creature. As a standard action, make an Arcana vs. Fortitude attack against the invisible target, if successful, the invisibility is dispelled and replaced by a glowing aura that provides a +2 bonus on attack rolls against the target, save ends. When the target saves, their invisibility is still cancelled until reapplied.
Ley Healer Int 15, Magical Ability You now add your INT modifier to any healing received from spells you cast.
Greater Healer Heal Wounds Spell This talent modifies your Heal Wounds spell to provide an additional 1D10 HP to the target.
Super Healing Heal Wounds Spell, Greater Healing This talent turns your Heal Wounds spell into a powerful incantation which heals double the targets surge value for the cost of spending one surge.
Resurrection Heal Wounds, Greater Healing, Super Healing This talent gives you access to a new spell, which can restore life to a creature who has died no longer than one day per your level ago. Casting this spell and being raised by it gives a -1 penalty to all attacks rolls, skill checks, saving throws and ability checks until after 3 full rests.
Ley Line Commune Int 15, Magical Ability Once per encounter when within 6 squares of a ley line, you may make a DC 15 Arcana check as a free action, to recall a previously cast daily or encounter spell and use it immediately as a free action.
Ley Line Tendril Bolts Int 15, Magical Ability, Ley Line Commune With this talent you learn the At Will spell Ley Line Tendril Bolts.
Lightning Arc Int 17, Magical Ability, Electric Arc Spell, Call Lightning Spell Your Electric Arc spell becomes an Encounter power, and you gain the Lightning Arc Spell.
Magical Adrenal Rush Int 17, Magical Ability, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength You gain access to the ultimate in physical enhancement spells.
Metamorphosis Specialization Int 17, Magical Ability, Metamorphosis: Human Gain Access to the Metamorphosis: Superior Spell.
Ritual Proficiency Int 15, Magical Ability Able to perform spells as a ritual, ritual only magic, identify common ritual scenes, and assist in the casting of rituals.
Spell of Legend Int 21 Your research has turned up a general location and a riddle, which apparently will lead you to a lost copy of a Spell of Legend. With a DC: 35 Arcana Check, you can find out which spell the research will lead you to, otherwise, you will not know which Spell of Legend you will find at the end of the (surely) dangerous road ahead.
Wisps of Confusion Int 17, Magical Ability, Befuddle Spell You gain access to the advanced daily confusion spell.


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Ley Line Walker

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