Adventure, heh. Excitement, heh, a Juicer craves these things. From all walks of life come thrill seeking maniacs who surrender longevity for a few short years of physical perfection. Drugs bestow miraculous ability to the human body, but they also corrode it twenty times faster than was ever intended. Juicer augmentation comes at either a price of 250,000-300,000 credits, or more commonly 2 years of military service to a kingdom or mercenary army, or sometimes even the Coalition. A Juicer can be almost any race, as the bio-computer augmentation works well on all but the most drug resistant of species. The most common Juicers are human, although elves and half-orcs occur with frequency as well.


Role: Striker
Abilities: Strength and Dexterity are primary, Constitution is secondary but also important.
Alignment: Any, tends towards chaos.
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Fibre, Plastic and Juicer Plate armors. All Simple and Military weapons.
Starting P.P.E. Base: 1d4
Starting Skills: Intimidate & Athletics. Choose 2 more from: Acrobatics, Bluff, Endurance, Pilot and Streetwise.
Hit Points and Healing Surges: 24+Con starting, 6+Con each level, 8+Con surges.
Starting Bonuses: +2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Dex, +2 Speed, +2 Athletics, +2 Intimidate, +2 on Saving Throws, +12 HP at levels 1,11 and 21.
Starting Feats: Starts with Two-Weapon Style and Die-Hard, Juicers also gain Bonus Talents at levels 4,8,12,16,20,24, 26 and 28.

Drug Fueled
The key to the Juicer’s physical supremacy is the bio-computer system (bio-comp) which monitors their vital statistics and injects drugs at periodic intervals to keep them in an adrenaline-is-for-pussies fueled state at all times. With the bio-comp, Juicers exist in a world of increased speed, reactions and physical capability. Choose two of the abilities below, after reaching level 4, you may select an additional ability by spending a feat or bonus feat selection.

  • Adrenal Surge. Once per day, a juicer may take an extra attack on their turn as a free action.
  • Heightened Reflexes. The Juicer may never be caught flat-footed or surprised under any circumstances, and once per day, gains a +6 against any one attack directed at either their AC or Reflex defense.
  • Juggernaut. Once per day, when an opponent critically hits you with a melee attack, you can ignore the critical hit, taking only regular damage, and instead make a basic attack against that opponent as an immediate interrupt.
  • Quickness. Once per day, as an immediate interrupt a Juicer may take a move action.
  • Super Strength. Once per day, a Juicer may take 20 on any strength related roll (counts as a critical on Str attack rolls) even if distracted or rushed.

Live Fast, Die Young
Juicers will die after 5 to 7 years fast living, and with 2 years of military service that lowers to 3 – 5; there is no getting around it, and the body can only take so much damage before failing completely. The drugs the Juicer must constantly consume are costly, and must be replenished every few months. The cost starts at a few thousand credits and goes up from there. Some few try to get off the drugs and live past this limit, but it is nearly impossible, and they are reduced to a shell of their former selves, living out their lives as a commoner, with physical qualities reminiscent of a 60 year old woman.

Physical Perfection
A Juicers muscles have developed with the help of the drugs being poured into their system at all times. Add to this the mandatory military service one usually has to perform in order to obtain a Juicer augmentation and you have an incredible physical specimen.
  • The Juicer’s Body is almost perfectly symmetrical with large muscle mass. As such, they may use either arm with equal ability, they start at first level with the feats Die-Hard and Two Weapon Style; they also gain starting bonuses to their Strength and Dexterity attributes.
  • They can operate at full efficiency for 5 days without sleep, and normally only need 3 hours a night to be fully competent. With this endurance comes a +2 to all saving throws.
  • Can make running jumps of 15 feet high or 30 feet across, half that distance from a standing start.
  • Once per Encounter, a juicer may jump into combat, giving them a +2 to attack rolls for their first round of attacks.

Bonus Feats: Accelerated Attack, Advantageous Attack, Alertness, Angled Throw, Armor Proficiency, Armor Specialization, Athletics, Autofire Sweep, Brink Of Death, Burst Fire, Careful Shot, Cleave, Coalition Military Training, Collateral Damage, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Conditioning, Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Barrage, Cornered, Critical Strike, Crossfire, Deadeye, Deadly Sniper, Defensive Mobility, Desperate Gambit, Die Hard, Distant Advantage, Dodge, Double Attack, Duck And Cover, Durable, Escape Artist, Far Shot, Flash And Clear, Fool Me Once…, Free Quebec Military Training, Great Cleave, Group Assault, Gun In Your Face, Hercules Type Shit, Impetuous Move, Improved Charge, Improved Defenses, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Rapid Shot, Improved Rapid Strike, Juggling, Juicer Agility, Lazlo Military Training, Long Jumper, Marathon Running, Natural Salesman, Natural Toughness, Opportunistic Retreat, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Power Blast, Precise Shot, Psionic Defense, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Rapid Strike, Reaping Blade, Reckless, Resurgence, Return Fire, Savage Attack, Sidekick, Skill Focus, Skill Training, Strafe, Staggering Attack, Tactical Advantage, Toughness, Traumatic Life Experience, Triple Attack, Triple Crit, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Style, Two Weapon Threat, Walk It Off, Wary Defender, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Weapon Proficiency, Wicked Strike, And Zero Range.
Starting Equipment: Casual clothes, old uniform, black clothes, nice boots with knife holster, vibro dagger, survival knife, 2 laser pistols with holsters, Juicer assassin rifle (ballistic & variable frequency laser), Juicer Flex Plate alloy armor, portable IRMSS kit (+5 to heal check, 3 uses), gloves, backpack, utility belt, sunglasses, canteen, compass, cell phone, 5 extra e-clips, 33 loose rounds of 7.62mm and some personal items.

Rifts Juicer Talent Trees

Talents Pre-Requisite Benefit

Weapon Tree

Dastardly Strike none When you successfully hit an opponent against whom you have combat advantage, they become Dazed or Weakened, save ends.
Weakening Strike Dastardly Strike Whenever you are able to take advantage of Dastardly Strike, you may choose to not Daze or Weaken the opponent to impose a -5 penalty on all their attacks and damage until the end of your next turn.
Hailfire Proficient in Weapon, Two Pistols When you are wielding two pistols, as a standard action you can make an Autofire attack with them even if the pistols would not normally be capable of Autofire. The normal penalties for Autofire still apply to this attack roll, and you split the number of shots consumed between the two pistols (requires 15).
Juicer Barrage Hailfire Once per day as a standard action when you are wielding an Autofire weapon or two pistols, you unleash an incredible barrage of fire upon a single or group or enemies within 5 squares of each other. You make multiple attacks starting at your full attack bonus and -3 for each successive attack. You make a total number of attacks equal to 1+½ your level.
Opportunistic Strike none Once per encounter you can make an attack of opportunity at an enemy within 6 squares who provokes an attack against an ally as an immediate reaction.
Cheap Shot Opportunistic Strike Once per encounter you can make an attack of opportunity against an opponent who shifts within 6 squares as an immediate reaction.
No Escape Opportunistic Strike Opponents that move or shift out of your threatened area grant you combat advantage until the end of your next turn.
Ranged Flank none If you are within 6 squares of a target and are armed with a pistol or a rifle, you can act as though you occupied the nearest square adjacent to the target for the purposes of determining whether or not you or any allies are flanking that target. You may only be considered to be flanking a single target at range at a time. You must spend a minor action on your turn to designate the target you flank at range.
Symmetrical Body Mass Juicer, Two Weapon Style Available only to juicers, this talent gives the feat of Two Weapon Style, (II or III). Also, when you score a critical hit and have a pistol in your off hand, you may make a ranged basic attack for free.

Movement Tree

Juiced Speed Juicer Your movement speed increases by 2 if you wear Juicer Armor or no armor.
How’d the Fuck You Get Here So Fast Juiced Speed Once per encounter, you may choose to do half damage on a hit to shift up to twice your speed to be adjacent to that enemy.
Strike and Run none As an immediate reaction, you can move your speed after damaging an opponent.
Slippery Motherfucker Strike and Run Once per turn, you can negate an attack of opportunity that an opponent you have damaged during the encounter is entitled to.
Skirmish Dex 14 When you move two squares before attacking, gain +1 on the attack roll.
Improved Skirmisher Skirmish When benefiting from Skirmish, you also gain +1 to all defenses until the start of your next turn.
Friendly Fire none When you are in melee combat with an enemy and become the target of a ranged attack and that attack misses you, compare the attack roll with the AC or Reflex of your opponent’s AC or Reflex. If the number exceeds the targets defense, they become the new target of the attack.
They Call Me the Streak Juicer If you succeed in an Athletics vs. Will Attack as a minor action you can move through that opponents threatened area without provoking opportunity attacks. Only one such attempt may be made per round.

Survivor Tree

Evasion na If hit by an attack that normally does half damage on a miss, take half damage if it hits, and take no damage if the attack misses you.
Preternatural Reflexes Juicer Once per encounter as a reaction, you may apply your level as a penalty to any attack against AC or Reflex that just hit you.
Auto-Dodge Juicer You may force an opponent who just hit you with a physical attack to reroll their attack roll and use the worse result as an immediate interrupt. Recharge 5-6.
Improved Auto Dodge Auto-Dodge Once per encounter as an immediate interrupt, you can negate any one physical attack that just hit you.
Uncanny Dodge I Auto-Dodge Hidden opponents do not gain combat advantage when attacking you.
Uncanny Dodge II Auto-Dodge, Uncanny Dodge I Enemies cannot gain combat advantage by flanking you, and your Auto-Dodge now recharges on a 4, 5 or 6.
Drugs Are Really Excellent Juicer You gain an additional use of Second Wind per encounter.

Presence Tree

Juicers Are Bad For Morale Juicer Once per encounter as a minor action, give all enemies within 6 squares a -3 to Will defense for the remainder of the encounter.
Feared Juicer Juicers Are Bad For Morale When you reduce an enemy to 0 HP, make an Intimidate vs. Will attack against all opponents within 6 squares; If successful those enemies all take a -4 to all attack rolls, save ends.
Quick Opportunist none Once per round, when an ally or opponent within 10 squares of you rolls a natural one on an attack roll, you may make a basic attack against one enemy within range as an immediate reaction.
Thrive on Chaos Quick Opportunist When an enemy or ally within 10 squares of you is reduced to 0 Hit Points, you gain temporary HP equal to 5+½ your level.
Adrenaline Junky Adrenal Surge Your Adrenal Surge Ability becomes useable once per encounter.
Mutant Jungle Cat Reflexes Heightened Reflexes Your Heighted Reflexes ability becomes usable once per encounter.
Quick Like Bunny Quickness Your Quickness ability becomes useable once per encounter.
Superman Super Strength Your Super Strength ability becomes usable once per encounter.
Unstoppable Juggernaut Juggernaut Your Juggernaut ability becomes usable once per encounter


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