Glitter Boy


A Glitter Boy is not only the most fearsome suit of power armor created before or since the coming of the Rifts, the term also refers to a special breed of humans who since childhood have lived ‘in the saddle’ of power armor, robots and other enormous technological monstrosities. Their personal suit of GB armor has been passed down through a family line, and the character has proven themselves the most skilled of all candidates. They inherit the tremendous responsibility of an incredible power able to stand against entire armies. They are sent out into the world, to fight for common people, as a bastion of heroism, rivaled in legend only by the Cyber-Knight.


Role: Defender / Striker
Abilities: Dexterity primary, Strength and Constitution are secondary.
Alignment: Any good or lawful.
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Fibre, Plastic & Carbon armors. Simple, Military and ‘Heavy’ Weapons.
Starting P.P.E. Base: 1d4
Starting Skills: Pilot & Acrobatics. Choose 3 more from:, Athletics, Computers, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Mechanics.
Hit Points and Healing Surges: 24+Con starting, 6+Con each level, 8+Con surges.
Starting Feats: Starts with Power Armor & Robot Pilot, Power Armor and Robot Combat.

Aura of Fearlessness
Glitter Boys are a strong willed bunch, add +3 to Will defense. Also, the mere presence of a Glitter Boy pilot among the ranks of their allies fills people with unswerving confidence. Whenever inside of any power armor or robot, the Glitter Boy and all allies within 10 squares gain +10 to save versus fear effects.

Armored Warrior
Living inside and constant training on the use of your powered suit makes you able to command its movements and actions as few others could ever hope to. You gain a +2 on movement speed and all attack and skill rolls while in your Glitter Boy, +1 to rolls and 1 square while in any other power armor or robot, in addition to all other bonuses. This bonus increases to +4,+2 at 11th level, and +6,+3 at 21st level. You have a +10 to Pilot skill rolls when in a Glitter Boy.

Demolitions Expert
A lot of experience working with the munitions of combat robots and power armor, have earned you proficiency with heavy weapons and explosives such as missile launchers, grenade launchers, fusion blocks and rail guns. Gain a +1 attack bonus with any of these weapons while outside of a robot or power armor. Additionally, if you are trained in Mechanics, you may use that skill to plant or disable mines, explosives and munitions, and any traps which involve them.

Evasive Action
Your skill moving a Glitter Boy is unmatched, once per round if you have not fired your Boom Gun, you may move one square and make a pilot check versus an attack roll to negate any damage sustained by your Glitter Boy Armor from the attack. If two or more creatures threaten you, you provoke attacks of opportunity from half of them (rounding down).

Bonus Feats: You may select any feat as a bonus feat that you meet the requirements for, except Magical Ability, Magical Study, Psionic Ability and Psionic Study.
Starting Equipment: Backpack, ballistic pistol, 4 clips of ballistic ammunition, laser rifle, 4 e-clips, binoculars (range finding), casual clothing, fatigues, flare gun, gas mask, 3 grenades, knife, a suit of armor you are proficient in, tactical map, multipurpose tool, short-wave radio, sleeping bag, tent, 7 days rations and a ‘like new’ suit of Glitter Boy Power Armor with full complement of boom gun ammo.

USA-G10 Glitter Boy Power Armor – Pilot DC 28 - CR12
Large ground vehicle (power armor)
Sensors: advanced power armor sensors and communications
Defenses AC +7, Ref +4, Fort +6
Hp 650; DR 22; Resist Ion 15 Half damage from Lasers
Speed 6 (max velocity 65 Mph)
Ranged attack: boom gun +3
Ranged attack: ion turret +6
Fighting Space 2×2, total cover for pilot
Abilities Str 30, Dex 20
Skills: Initiative +4, Perception +6, Pilot DC 28
Crew: one; Passengers none
Cargo: duffel bag Consumables: none;
Payload: nuclear powered, unlimited range; 100 boom gun shots, ammo drum holds 40 more;
RG-14 Rapid Acceleration Electromagnetic Rail Gun The main weapon of the Glitter Boy, stows on the armor’s back when not in use. Firing the Boom Gun is a full round action. Ranged 50/100; 1D12×10 dmg; anti tank, anti aircraft, anti personnel
Shoulder Mount Ion Turret Mounted on the right shoulder, this short range cannon provides self defense.. Ranged 20/40; 4D4 dmg, autofire capable.

Glitter Boy Talent Trees

Talents Pre-Requisite Benefit

Glitter Boy Specific Tree

Flying Pylon Kick na You may make a melee attack by extending your leg pylon at an enemy when kicking them. Make a Dexterity vs. AC attack, damage is 3D10+10. If you roll a natural 1 on this attack, your pylon ceases to function properly, causing your Boom Gun shots to knock you prone, and shift you 8 squares in a random direction, save ends. This can be repaired by an operator.
Jet Assisted Launch na Once per encounter, you may move up to twice your speed as a minor action, this movement is considered flying and only provokes opportunity attacks in the first two squares you leave from and the last two you arrive in.
Pylon Freefire na Once per encounter, you may make an attack with your Boom Gun without your pylons extended as a standard action and move 1D20 squares directly backwards. You must make a DC 17 Acrobatics check or go prone.
Thunderous Stomp na As a standard action, you stomp your enormous robot leg into the ground damaging and pushing back those around you. Str (of armor) vs. Reflex attack in a close burst 1. All creatures take 2D6+Str(10) damage.

General Vehicle Tree (General Tree)

Hand to Hand: Robot Style na Melee attacks made from a vehicle increase by +1 dice, and you gain +1 to AC & Reflex while piloting.
Robot Kung Fu Hand to Hand: Robot Style You may make two melee attacks as a standard action against the same target while piloting a robot or power armor. Both attacks suffer a -5 penalty.
Vehicle Focus Wisdom 13 Select a vehicle type, gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls when in that vehicle and take 10 on pilot checks even when stressed.
I Am the Brute Squad Piloting:Power Armor or Robot Vehicle When you and at least 2 allies are adjacent to an enemy, you and your allies gain combat advantage over that enemy.

Pilot Skills Tree (General Tree)

Close Scrape na Once per encounter, make a Pilot check vs. the total attack roll to turn a critical hit into a regular hit.
Expert Gunner na Gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with vehicle weapons.
One With the Machine Expert Gunner Make attacks of opportunity while piloting a vehicle.
Power Armor & Robot Maneuvers PA & Robot Piloting,PA & Robot Combat, Expert Gunner, One With the Machine You are able to pull off the following maneuvers once per encounter each.
Blurred Motion. Move up to twice your speed make an attack with your armor’s primary weapon as a full round action. Compare the result of your attack roll with the Will defense of all enemies within 20 whom you did not attack, if successful you gain total concealment against them until the end of your next turn. If you move 6 squares or more in each successive round, you retain the concealment until the end of the encounter. You lose concealment against any target whom you attack.
Sudden Strike. Make a charge attack against an enemy in range, you do not suffer a penalty to AC and you may make a melee or ranged attack at the end of this charge that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Weaving Stride. As a move action, you may shift up to twice your speed, you gain +2 to AC & Reflex defense until the start of your next turn for each creature you pass during this movement.

Protection Tree

Bodyguard’s Sacrifice na As an immediate interrupt you may interfere in an attack that successfully hits an adjacent ally. You may take any amount of the damage dealt to your ally as you wish, remaining damage is dealt to the ally as normal.
Lifesaver Bodyguard’s Sacrifice Once per encounter as an immediate interrupt, when an ally has been critically hit or reduced to 0 HP, you may move your speed provided you end your movement adjacent to that ally. You take all of the damage which triggered this talent, and your ally takes none.
Roll With It Bodyguard’s Sacrifice Whenever you take damage on behalf of an ally through use of a talent, you gain a bonus to DR equal to your level until the end of your next turn.
Take the Hit Bodyguard’s Sacrifice, Lifesaver Whenever you take damage on behalf of an ally through use of a talent, you gain a +10 bonus to your surge value until the end of your next turn.
Out of Harm’s Way na As a move action, you may allow an ally within 6 squares to shift their speed as long as the end the move adjacent to you.
Ward na As a minor action, designate one adjacent ally. Until the end of your next turn, as long as that ally remains adjacent to you, you are considered to be providing soft cover against all attacks. You cannot be the target of this same talent used by anyone else.
Armored Guard Ward Whenever you use the Ward talent, any bonus to your ally’s AC increases by ½ of any natural armor you possess as well as any bonus from armor you are wearing.
Guard’s Endurance Ward Whenever you begin your turn adjacent to the target of your Ward talent, you gain temporary HP equal to your level.


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Glitter Boy

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