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City Rats come from a variety of different backgrounds, what they all have in common is a childhood on the streets of one of the great fortress cities of the Americas, the NGR and everywhere else. Lower level city residents are usually known as ‘Downsiders’, City Rat is the designation for ‘Downsider Toublemakers’. They know where to find cybernetics, drugs, contraband, body-chop shops, black market hangouts, the best food and cheapest women, and when the CS patrols will come by. What passes for civilization on Rifts Earth is where the City-Rat thrives, few have little interest in life outside their metropolis, but their skills translate to many different arenas. They also thrive in the shadows, hiding out of sight and keeping out of all the various kinds of trouble one can find in a Rifts Earth city. Practiced at the art of disappearing and taking advantage of misdirection, the City Rat is a dangerous foe in battle.


Role: Striker
Abilities: Primary ability is Dexterity. Charisma secondary.
Alignment: Any non lawful
Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Fibre, Plastic and Carbon armor, all simple weapons and all pistols.
Starting P.P.E. Base: 1d4
Starting Skills: Perception, Stealth & Thievery. Choose 5 more from: Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Computers, Insight, Mechanics, Pilot and Streetwise.
Hit Points and Healing Surges: 24+Con starting, 4+Con each level, and 8+Con surges.
Starting Feats: Starts with Quickdraw. City Rats gain bonus talents at level 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30.

First Strike
Quick reflexes and being willing to fight dirty have their advantages. Knowing where to strike, and who to kill first is very good information. At the start of an encounter, you have combat advantage against any creatures that have not yet acted in that encounter.

One doesn’t survive in the low levels of the city as long as you have without a little luck. Once per encounter, the City Rat may reroll one attack, save or skill roll or choose to force another to reroll an attack or skill roll used against them.

Rat Weapon Talent
You can’t walk the streets without a gun, and sneaking rifle past them Dead Boys is impossible, pistol have always been easy to hide and easy to get, years of practice with one have made you an excellent shot. When you wield a pistol, your weapon damage die increases by one size and you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

Sneak Attack
Once per round, when you have combat advantage against an enemy and are using a weapon you are proficient in, any attack you make against that enemy deals extra damage if the attack hits. You decide whether to apply the extra damage after making the damage roll. As you advance in level, your extra damage increases, refer to the table below.

Level Sneak Attack Damage
1st–10th +2d6
11th–20th +3d6
21st–30th +5d6

Bonus Feats: Accelerated Attack, Advantageous Attack, Alertness, Angled Throw, Armor Proficiency, Athletics, Autofire Sweep, Brink Of Death, Burst Fire, Careful Shot, Collateral Damage, Combat Expertise, Combat Medic, Combat Reflexes, Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Barrage, Cornered, Critical Strike, Crossfire, Deadeye, Deadly Sniper, Defensive Mobility, Desperate Gambit, Distant Advantage, Dodge, Double Attack, Duck And Cover, Durable, Escape Artist, Far Shot, Flash And Clear, Fool Me Once…, Gun In Your Face, Human Perseverance, Impetuous Move, Improved Defenses, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Rapid Shot, Improved Rapid Strike, Jack Of All Trades, Juggling, Linguist, Literacy, Long Jumper, Marathon Running, Natural Salesman, Opportunistic Retreat, Point Blank Shot, Power Blast, Practiced Backstabber, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Rapid Strike, Reckless Offense, Relentless, Resurgence, Return Fire, Savage Attack, Sidekick, Skill Focus, Skill Training, Strafe, Staggering Attack, Tactical Advantage, Toughness, Traumatic Life Experience, Triple Attack, Triple Crit, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Style, Two Weapon Threat, Vehicular Combat, Walk It Off, Wary Defender, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Weapon Proficiency, Wicked Strike, and Zero Range.
Starting Equipment: Aluminum travel case (10 lbs. capacity), camera (digital), chemical light sticks (5), casual clothing, duct tape, fake ID, flashlight, handcuffs & key, concealed holsters, city map, two black market laser pistols, lock picks, 2 cell phones, 6 extra e-clips, suit of armor you are proficient with, and some personal items.

Rifts City Rat Talent Trees

Talents Pre-Requisite Benefit

Non-Descript Tree

Hidden Movement City-Rat No penalty to Stealth when moving full speed.
Improved Stealth City-Rat Reroll Stealth checks. You may use the better result.
and Fwoof, He Was Gone Hidden Movement, Improved Stealth Once per encounter, when you are within 2 squares of cover or concealment you may move to that cover or concealment and roll a Stealth check to hide and gain total concealment as a single move action.
Shadow Striker Hidden Movement, Improved Stealth You excel in fighting from the shadows, hitting opponents when they least expect it. You may perform each once per encounter as a standard action:
Blinding Strike Make a single melee or ranged attack against an opponent in range. If you hit, you inflict an additional 5 damage per tier, and the target is Blinded, save ends.
Confusing Strike Attack an enemy against whom you have concealment, if successful you cause your target to attack a creature of your choosing for their next attack.
Unexpected Strike Attack an opponent against whom you have total concealment. You gain an additional +2 bonus on this attack roll and deal an extra 2D6 in addition to normal damage and/or sneak attack damage.
Spotter Hidden Movement, Improved Stealth When concealed, you can use a full round action to give all allies within radio range a +2 to attack rolls against enemies in your line of sight until the end of the encounter. If an enemy leaves your line of sight, your allies lose this bonus against that enemy.
Total Concealment Hidden Movement, Improved Stealth Any time you have concealment, you gain total concealment instead.

Way of the Gun Tree

Deceptive Shot Trained in Bluff Mark off a round and make a Bluff vs. Will attack as a move action against an enemy within range to gain combat advantage on your next ranged attack with a pistol against that enemy.
Improved Quick Draw City Rat, Quick Draw Draw a Pistol and attack even when surprised.
Knockdown Shot Weapon Focus (Pistol) If you Aim, and hit successfully, your target is knocked prone.
Multi-Attack (Pistols) Weapon Focus (Pistol) Reduce penalties to multiple attacks by 2.
Mobile Attack Multi-Attack (Pistols) Move up to your speed as a free action after successfully attacking with two pistols.
Pistol Whipped Weapon Focus (Pistol) Add double your Dexterity stat bonus to damage inflicted from Pistols.
Wind Fingers Pistol Whipped, Rapid Shot Feat Use the Rapid Shot Feat without penalty to attack rolls.
Ranged Disarm W.F. (Pistol), Pistol Whipped Disarm with a ranged attack. If you fail and the target has a loaded and ready ranged weapon, they may attack you with a basic attack as an immediate reaction.

Skill Kid, I Don’t Believe In Luck Tree

Fast Talker Cha 13 Reroll any bluff check. You must use the second result.
Knack na Once per encounter, reroll any skill check. You must use the second result.
Lucky Shot Knack Once per encounter, reroll any attack roll. You must use the second result.
Uncanny Luck Knack, Lucky Shot Once per day, you can consider any natural roll of 16, 17, 18, or 19 to be a critical hit.
Skill Shot Knack, Lucky Shot Once per day, you may reroll damage from one attack and use the better result.
Fortune Favors the Bold City-Rat When you score a critical hit, gain an action point.
Ok, Maybe its Luck na Use an action point to gain +2 to attack rolls, or +1 to all defenses, or +5 to skill checks until the end of the encounter. This talent ignores the limitation on spending only one action point in an encounter.
Avert Disaster Ok, Maybe its Luck Once per encounter, turn a critical hit against you into a regular hit.
Better Lucky Than Dead Ok, Maybe its Luck Once per encounter, as an immediate interrupt, gain a +5 bonus to one defense until the start of your next turn. You may declare use of this talent after your opponent has rolled damage.
S On‘Yer Chest Con 14 You gain Fortification. Any critical strike damage you receive is reduced by 25% per tier.

Dirty Fighting Tree

Skirmish Dex 13 When you move two squares before attacking, gain +1 on the attack roll.
Improved Skirmisher Skirmish When benefiting from skirmish, you also gain +1 to all defenses until the start of your next turn.
Improved Sneak Attack Dex 15 When Sneak Attacking, you inflict an additional 1D6 damage.
Sudden Strike Skirmish, Improved Sneak Attack When you gain the benefit of Skirmish and successfully hit your target, you also inflict your sneak attack damage in addition to your normal damage.
Disabling Sneaker Improved Sneak Attack When dealing sneak attack damage, you may forego one die of damage to cause one status effect. Chose one: Blinded, Dazed, Immobilized, Slowed or Weakened.


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City Rat

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